Friday, February 27, 2009

It Sneaks Up On You

I just realized it's Friday. I've been lounging around in my PJs watching videos on youtube with Mini and had no clue today was errand day until I glanced over and saw hubby's paycheck sitting on my desk. Glad I saw it when I did! Our bank isn't open on weekends.

So I figured I better tank up on coffee then hit the showers since I need to run errands. In my own defense, I didn't sleep well last night. I worked on narrowing down my theme and creating log lines for my pitch, then I went back and rewrote the whole spiel AGAIN. I made it to bed around 1:30 and hubby, bless him because he was soooo tired, promptly rolled over and started snoring great big Godzilla snores right in my ear. I couldn't wake the man to make him roll over, so I must've laid there until 3 thinking if I had an extra pillow I'd smother myself with it.

First thing this morning, Mini comes to wake me up singing The Dirty Glass, which gave me pause to say the least. He then asked to hear "the pipe song", which I know is one of the Dropkick Murphys songs heavy on the bagpipes, but I couldn't think of which one. So once I had a cup of coffee, off to youtube we went.

Tonight is BSG night, and so help me nothing and no one better interrupt this one. It's Starbuck's story and I'm hoping we'll find out whether or not she is actually Daniel. I'm bracing myself for either revelation or huge disappointment - possibly both.

So that's it for me today. I need to go ahead and get to the bank so I can hurry home and work on my edits a bit. I want to finish this round today and send them back before doing a little writing and dragging out the pitch again. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday, everyone! ^_^


  1. I hate Friday errands, but I have them every week like clockwork. Yesterday town was so crowded, it was awful. Bank was full of crabby mean people, gas station was so full, I couldn't get gas, drug store almost got run over crossing the parking lot. So glad it's Saturday!

  2. Same here, Nancy. Every Friday for me. There are days I wish Oldest had his license. I'd send him to town to do some of the stuff for me. ;)

  3. The weekend came and went in a big ole blur for me. Kids, kids, kids. Add a dash of grumpy hubby, and large pinch of friend deep in the depths of depression and well, you have a recipe for one frazzled Me. >.<

    I hear ya on the snoring hubby, too! Makes my head hurt after a while. Some nights I schlep out to the sofa.

  4. I ran errands on Friday too, but that's cause I had to work the weekend. I'm hoping we have a snow day tomorrow. :)


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