Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday, hubby and I took the Minibeast up to see godfather. I took him a card, an aloe plant and a wooden trolly for his birthday, and he seemed very happy with it. He's big into gardening, and had been admiring "Spike" - our enormous aloe - so we went back to hippie guy Buford, and bought another one. Oh, yeah, we also brought GF 4 Jeep tires for his Cherokee, which is a win win kind of thing because he needed them and I wanted them out of the shed.

We met him up at the dentist office, which is right next to a McDonalds. There's this little grassy hill between the properties, and it had dozens of those dandelion puff balls - my favorite flowers, just for the record. Wishing flowers. :*) Well, Mini went bonkers when he saw so many, so we hopped up on the hill and picked dandelions. Some of them weren't ready to blow the fluff off, so I showed him he could hold them close to the blossom and shake the stuffin's out of them to make them scatter. I showed him that you're supposed to make a wish before defluffing, which he thought was a simply fabulous idea. That meant he could wish for trucks and cars and toys, and Herbies. (Volkswagon Beetles, for Pete's sake) I suggested he throw in a multibook contract for old mother during all that mad wishing while he was at it. We were covered in white fluff before it was all said and done.

We hung out in the office after that, (He doesn't work Fridays.) and I set Minibeast up in the dentist chair and showed him how the water and air pik worked, and let him flip the switch on the overhead light. He wasn't too crazy about the idea of having anyone check his teeth though. I'd thought about having GF do a "cleaning" on him with some prophy paste and a Qtip, but Mini wasn't up to the challenge. I did want to introduce him to it all though. I don't want him to ever fear going to the dentist/doctor. It was a very good visit.

At one point Mini and I walked to the back waiting room next to the lab (where prisoners wait for service away from the general public), and from the glass door, he saw this one lowly dandelion left standing on the hill. A battle of will ensued over this dandelion. I'd left it because it wasn't ready to poof, but Mini wanted it. Mini won this round. We went back outside, walked up the hill and he picked that one fizzling dandelion. And of course... "Mimi, grr, it won't blow." Gee. Imagine that. I gave it a good shake and all the fluff blew off. We turned to watch the wind carry them off, and I noticed one small patch left of about 5 dandelions that we missed. I guess that was the bonus patch.

Mini blew or shook every.single.dandelion on that lot. No kidding. Not one was left standing. It was a dandelion apocalypse. And it was fun.

Today, I plan to work on cleaning up the naughty vampires wip, and at some point I've got to make a trip to the post office and mail off the bills. Last night after sobbing over BSG (SAM!!!) I stayed up making promo bags - about 100 of them. Now I've also got to divide those up and box the big ones up for conference, and box the smaller ones to send to my MMC sisters for distribution at the cafe.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a great weekend, and a romantic Valentine's Day!


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I can't believe I missed BSG. No, don't tell me.

    You always come up with the coolest pics.

    Happy V Day.

  2. Martie, you must, must, must watch BSG! I imagine it's up over at IMDB by now. :*(**

    BTW, are you ready for the NOLA conference? Hard to believe it's in 2 weeks!

  3. Awww that's so nice
    i love your blog your a good writer! :)
    and you son is soooooo adorable :D
    i hope mine grow to be that cute :D


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