Monday, February 09, 2009

Full Of LoVE

Printing, printing, printing... I finished all my rewrites yesterday, but I'm taking my time going back over them and doing cleanup. I hope the editor gives this new version the thumbs up and all is a-go.

Last night after everyone went off to bed, I put in a BSG dvd, made a cup of vanilla red and sat down to relax while red-penning a few print outs. Suddenly I hear Mini sobbing from the other room. About that time, Hubster comes into the den all groggy and informs me, "Mini's sick."

Boy was he ever! Minibeast crawled out of bed and wet himself, then stood there shivering and throwing up. Total freakout for me. It panics me when the kids are burning up with fever. Oh, my poor little bear! I held onto him while he threw up so he wouldn't teeter over, then stripped him down and washed him with a warm rag. Quickly found him some fresh PJs and redressed him, then cleaned up the mess and tossed all the towels and yukky clothes in the wash. Talk about a late night frenzy!

I gave Mini some kiddie fever reducer and rocked him in the recliner until the wee hours of the morning. Around 3 am hubby got up and took over, so I went on to bed. I was pretty exhausted by that point.
Right before I woke up ( sometime around 9 am), I dreamed I was in the lobby of the DMV waiting with a number ticket in hand when these SWAT guys came into the room and announced to everyone the building had to be evacuated because of some chemical agent/ bio hazard kind of thing. This, of course, caused a stampede. I ran to the door only to discover there were snipers out front waiting to pick anyone off who tried to escape the building. I managed somehow to get past all this and ended up in the parking lot of the Mall of Georgia, where I'd apparently parked the old car - a yellow Geo Storm - I used to drive. Oy vey. Talk about suckage for a getaway vehicle. *_*

Now that I think about it - biohazard - chemical agents... While rocking the Minibeast, I kinda sighed to myself, thinking "I'm gonna catch whatever he's got, I'm sure." Bleh. Let's hope not. I do not do pukefests well.

On the brightside, Mini seems to be feeling better. Only a touch of fever now and again. I'm keeping a close eye on him. And so far so good for me. *crossing fingers for good luck*
Tonight I'm gonna finish up the clean up so I can send it out tomorrow. Hubby's off work until the 14th, and we have a laundry list of things that have to be done. One of the things on the list is to get a dog house to put in the bushes for Fifi - the neighbor dog mentioned in previous posts.
Anyway, she's preggie now, the rumble in the hood with the other dogs is over, and of course, all is back to normal - only with a belly full of pups. *sigh* I know Fifi will have them here, and I have this fear of her having them in the bushes by the front door because there's no other shelter for her. So off to Petco to buy her a doghouse to lodge off in the azaleas.
Speaking of dogs, the effing neighbors have dragged home a new pet. Some kind of long haired Jack Russel terrier looking critter. Hubby and I spotted the Mama Neighbor letting it out of the house this afternoon to romp with the ravenous hoarde of other neighbor dogs. *sigh*
Just for the record, today is a milestone day. I officially quit smoking back in the day on Feb. 9th, 2000. I can hardly believe it, but it's been 9 years!
That's it for me. It's Mini's bathtime. Gotta break out the rubber ducky fleet. I hope you've all had a great Monday! ~_^


  1. Oh, ugh, on poor Mini being sick. It's awful watching them when they're so sick like that, isn't it?

    And Kudos for staying smoke-free for 9 years! Way to go! Woot woot! Mini and everyone in your house is a lot healthier for it, not to mention your own health. (Can you tell I'm an anti-smoking fanatic?)

  2. Ooh, poor minibear. Hope he feels better soon. And congrats on quiting smoking. :)
    We finished redoing the library. I posted pictures if your curious. There at

  3. Hey Cora! Good luck on the re-sub! :)

  4. Oh, the poor little guy! I remember nights like that--might sound silly, but I kind of miss them. Not the puking and the fever, but the rocking in the silent house, holding the little one...

    I'm crossing everything I can that you don't get sick, too. Sick sucks.

    AWESOME on the smokelessness! I'm very proud of you.

  5. Oh, no...a vomit comet.

    I hope you dodged the yak bullet and that mini's feeling better.


    by the way, my word verification is:
    crora. hmmmm

  6. Thanks, Leah. Mini is feeling better today, and boy, am I relieved!

  7. Ann, I'll have to hop over there and check out the new piccys!

  8. Thanks, Yolanda! I have my fingers crossed!

  9. Thanks, AE. :*) I hope you're feeling better soon!

  10. Jenji, oh, yeah, definitely. Luckily no one got yukked, just a shirt on the floor. *_* Better it than me.


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