Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fun and Stuff

Lots of crazy things to post about today, and very little time to do it in, so I'm up at 2 AM blogging. Yah, I know. I'm gonna be toddler whipped and ready for a nap by noon tomorrow. However, because I had a "do nothing" day in typical slacker fashion yesterday, I now have to tackle the makeup work. Hubby and I have errands to run, shopping to do, gifts to deliver, and relatives to visit. To top that off, there won't be any early bedtime because Friday night is BSG night. *_*

First things first: Friday Freebies! Peggy M sent me an email and pointed out some snazzy links for free ebooks to share here on the blog.

Books on Board currently has free Random House ebooks up for grabs, most of them thrillers by the looks of it. I believe (but I'm not 100% certain) this particular batch will be up until Feb. 28th. So run, run, run, and get yours!

Also, Samhain Publishing has several Valentine's Day (romance) ebooks up at their Free Reads Library.

Thanks bunches for the free finds, Peggy!

As I've already mentioned above, tonight is BSG night. I tell ya, I'm chomping at the bit waiting for these final episodes. I've got my fingers crossed Sam makes it through alive after last week, and Ellen Tigh is making her reappearance, so that makes this one not to be missed.

Honestly Ellen has annoyed the everlovingcrap out of me since she first appeared. She wasn't likeable as a human, but now that we know she's the fifth Cylon, she gives me the royal heebie jeebies. She just seems like she'd be uber vicious - like if she entered a room there would be fires and screaming and all that. Um, yeah. So she reminds me of the supabad big bitch mama Alien from the Sigourney Weaver Alien movies. SCARY. And now that Ellen's hubster (Saul) has impregnated a Six, I get the whole "this is gonna be a complicated reunion" kinda vibe. *_*

So enough's enough. I'll spare y'all anymore BSG nerd rage for the time being. Gotta save my energy for the next episode, ya know? :P

News from the writing cave... The sexy android story is a little closer to being polished for submission. I'm only able to do the clean-up on this one a few pages at a time. Not sure why. It just takes it outta me. And since there's no deadline on that particular story, I'm going slow with it.

Also, my naughty hot vampires are nearly complete as well. I finished up draft 2 yesterday (er, rather this morning, shortly after midnight), and it only needs one more round of polishing and it will be ready to submit. For those who were wondering, this will be Serge's story. He made a cameo appearance in Wicked Temptation, and if you thought Dominic was hot...

Now that I have the upgraded version of MSOffice, I have my newletter making abilities back. Yay! I should have another newsletter out come March, after the NOLA conference. It will be labeled as the spring edition, and will cover everything that has happened from late January to early March. In the meantime, I'm sort of waiting for a bit of news to roll in so I can announce my upcoming releases.

Speaking of releases, I've had a few folks ask about Moonlight and Shadows (pictured on the left hand toolbar). To those looking to buy a copy, it is not yet available. I will post the release date as soon as I have that in hand. Once I do, I'll be posting some tasty excerpts here on my blog, at my newsletter group on yahoo (please join!), and at the Midnight Moon Cafe - so keep checking back!

Whew! I gotta get to bed. It's almost 3 AM and I have a busy, busy day tomorrow. I gotta call it a night. Oh, before I go! See the picture above, the seahorses? It's taken me ages to find a belly ring I like, and there it is in all it's sparkly glory. I'm planning to order it from Amazon next week. Woot!


  1. LOL, Cora, must have been the night for 'early' blogging. I posted mine at 3:30 a.m. (My youngest son had to be at his school for 2 a.m. for his trip to Disneyworld. And since it was COLD outside, I completely woke up)

    Think you can convince Mini to have a nap and you lay down too? At least my other son sleeps during the day so I can nap whenever I want.

  2. Okay, well, I was sleeping last night, and slept in this morning. ^_^

    I haven't watched BSG since it's early days. I missed a few episodes and just got lost. X_X My last addiction on the small screen is Fringe. Love it.

    There's been two revelations in the werewolf book I didn't expect. Certainly made things interesting. I'm glad you're making headway with your stories!


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