Friday, January 30, 2009

Zombie Xing

Ok, usually I wanna smack the culprit when I hear of dumb pranks, but this one not only appealed to my love of zombie flix, but had me snickering all day long yesterday because it's just damn funny.

In Austin, TX, hackers took control of a few roadside signs and posted stuff like "The end is near!", "Nazi zombies! Run!" and for some reason we should seek "Colder Climates".

The hubster and I speculate it's because the zombie blood will freeze at lower temperatures and the cravings for brains will be less. Then again, that's just a theory. When the zombie apocalypse comes, don't bank on it. Just sayin'.

I'm pretty sure the zombie story is still up at CNN, AOL, and Fox News. If you've got a few minutes to kill, look it up. It's worth every giggle. Snazzy stuff.

While cooking supper for the kidlets yesterday, I set up the laptop on the kitchen counter and watched Battlestar Galactica. (You can watch FULL free episodes of BSG at and at - and btw, a new episode is coming on tonight, so don't forget to set your DV-R!)
Anyway, I re-watched the "Notion" episode last night so I could sit through the part about Starbuck flipping over the viper again and finding "the corpse", but the only conclusion I came to in watching all this is that if they kill off Leoben, my fave Cylon, I'm gonna be pissed. I mean, come on. They've flushed the guy out an airlock, he died at Starbuck's hands - on a really big knife, and Adama bludgeoned him to death in the desert. Let the guy make it to the garden already. Sheesh!

{pic deleted} 
Callum Keith Rennie aka Leoben Conoy

One question though... Why are so many hot guys in movies/on TV completely batshit crazy? Leoben certainly qualifies. (I'm not even gonna look at what that says about my taste in men, because hot is hot regardless of having the crazies. :P )
This weekend I have a wip to finish polishing. It's been sitting on my desk tormenting me for two days, but I haven't been able to focus on it. As much as I'd love to keep up my slackassed ways, I know I have to finish this project. Motivation aside, it must be done. So that is on my agenda. Other than that, I plan to do nothing but spend some quality time with the hubby when he comes home from Texas. I tell ya, I'll be so glad when he's back working closer to home so I can see him every evening.
That's it for me. Hope you all have a happy Friday!


  1. That is classic! I love that. :)

    And I know what you mean about hot guys=crazy. That seems to be the case in most shows and books I read. I still can't help but love them. :-\

    Have a great weekend Cora!

  2. Loved the zombie signs. Too funny.
    I'm pooped, we finished weeding the entire library today. And we're basically ready to rearrange the library Monday and Tuesday. Tonight I'm going to bed early, and if I get out of bed tomorrow, I'm going to the grocery store and maybe making brownies, and that's all I have planned. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy weekend, Isy! ^_^

  4. Brownies sound divine, Ann. After that long day I hope you get some rest. Happy weekend! :)


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