Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hen & chicks

Is it Friday yet? Today started out with such promise.... But to go into that, would only make me want to smack someone with a stick. Srsly.

The good news is I cleaned up all my notes, tossed away the fifty or so scraps of paper with little note-y things scrawled all over them. I organized my submissions calendar and created the inevitable "to do" list in order to make all the dates.

Tonight I plan to attack the revisions on my vampire story to make sure it's ready in time. If I clean up only a page a day, I should have it in the bag by the due date, and that's the one submission that is really "in heart" for me right now.

I have another story roughly 75% complete that I'd love to have finished before the end of the month. It's do-able; I know what I want to happen in this story from point A to point B, so it's not that I don't know the story's "direction". I just can't seem to nail the opening. The love scenes are absolutely smouldering, and there's no denying the tension between the hero and heroine, but that darn pesky beginning! And what chaps me is that beginnings are usually my strong point! This story just doesn't take off the way I want it to, and the more I tinker with it, the more bogged down it feels. I think I may need to strip off the entire beginning and start again. Change the setting, the POV, everything. Ho hum.

It's time to put Mini in the bath, so that's it for now. Tomorrow's another day.

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  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Well at least the love scenes are smoldering, lol. That's usually the last thing to work for me.


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