Saturday, January 03, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

A quickie post while I have the chance. Oldest is on a date with Brit, and the hubster has taken Minibeast to the park. I stayed home to write, and sure enough as soon as everyone is out the door the phone starts ringing and visitors start dropping by. *sigh*

I finally managed to get everyone out of the house, and so I've been working on revising what I have instead of writing anything new today. I have a string of four or five stories finished; all I need I do is clean them up.

Here's the going list:

1. W/J demons - short story - finished this one last year :P
2. sexy vampires - short story - finished last night! Doesn't need much touch up work.
3. android romance - short story - working on revisions
4. Love Fool - full length - ARG! this bastard needs work!
5. bounty hunter story - short story - almost ready to submit
6. B/L naughty contemporary - very rough draft finished - needs another pass

Ok. So there are six drafts completed instead of four or five. My bad. Anyway, that's what's on my TO DO list at the moment. I'd like to get at least three of the short stories out of here this month (I marked them in red).

Be gone old stories! It's a bit overwhelming to look at them in a list, so I have to remind myself to breathe. It's totally do-able to have those three shorties done in January - all together they probably run about 11k. (Individually about 3-4k.) The bounty hunters should be ready to go tonight. I plan to read through it this evening and if it "sounds smooth", I'll bite the bullet and send it on. Wish me luck!

Tonight I also need to update the Midnight Moon Cafe website. I've got a list going for that, but I won't bore you and post it. To see those changes, you'll have to visit the Cafe. ;-) Well, the guys should be home soon, so I should go ahead and put the last bit of laundry in and get cracking on these final few pages of the bounty hunter tale.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Isn't it always the way that the moment you have a free second people show up or phone. (For me, it's whenever I close the bathroom door the phone automatically rings.)

    You've got a lot of short stories on your list which seems less intimidating than the four full length novels on mine. I'm thinking I need to work more on novella lengths. Much less daunting.

  2. Sweetie, you've got a lot done. This is a great thing. Don't get overwhelmed. Some of them just need a little work before they're ready to go out. Having so much finished is fantastic! Then you can have a bunch of stuff out on submissions and work on something new. :)

  3. Leah, it's so true. ~_~' I always wonder how they know to show up at that moment. Psychic vibes, I'm telling ya.

    Yes, a lot of short stories on the list. As far as writing goes, I prefer them, although I'm working on a full length book or two right now.

  4. Hey Isabelle! I really need to send you an email. I sent out the sci-fi bounty hunter story tonight (about five minutes ago, actually - and it's almost 2 am). So there's one I can mark off the list.

    Oy, and it is nice to have a bunch of subs floating around out there at the same time. It almost seems like I'm accomplishing something. ~_^


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