Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moonlight and Shadows Cover

It has been one hella eventful day. The only thing to make it crazier or more hectic would be to land a swarm of flying monkeys in my front yard. For sure. I've been to town twice, paid bills, gone to two post offices, and even bought supper from two different restaurants, since Mini was NOT leaving town without a Happy Meal. *shakes fist at Ronald McDonald*

I am nearly dying with a toothache. Last week I bit down on a pork rind that apparently had been fried down into the consistency of a rock, because it cracked my back tooth. I thought for sure I'd just "heard" more than caused actual damage. But last night the pain really kicked in, so now whenever I close my jaw all the way, my very back tooth on the bottom left hurts like nobody's business. Time to call the godfather and make a dentist appointment. I'm going to do that tomorrow and see if he can get me in after hours either tomorrow or Friday. I'll even clean up my own operatory room and sterilize all the instruments afterward. Scout's honor.

Aside from the ornery achy tooth, the day has gone well, just different. I updated my newsletter group at yahoo, bagged and boxed promo items to take to NOLA in March, and twittered while watching the presidential inauguration.

I got a "pre-official", for-approval sneak peek of the cover for Moonlight and Shadows today, and OMG! I it! I love everything about it, the colors, the backdrop, the scars on my too-sexy hero. Absolutely everything is love. This is my favorite cover yet, and I've been doing the chicken dance since it arrived in my inbox.



I hope you're all having a snazzy Tuesday!


  1. Ohhh pretty! I love the colors too. :) And I've always thought there's something sexy about a man with scars. Yay for you, sweetie!

  2. Love the cover!! Hope your tooth gets fixed fast.


  3. Very pretty cover! I've been drooling over the tonal ones and thinking I might have to write a story just to get a cover like that! Snort. Seriously, though, that's where the western came from--I wanted a winter cover.

    I hope your tooth feels better soon! There's nothing worse than pain in your head.

  4. Ouchies on the tooth! Hope you can get in to see your Godpappa and get it taken care of soon!!! Eeps!

    Yea! on that cover. Simply gorgeous, sugar! I love that they worked in the scars too. Yummy.

    Hope you are having a good day. ((hugs))

  5. Hi Cora,

    Sorry to hear about your tooth!! Good luck with the dentist.

    Ooo It's really a great cover! I'm so looking forward to the story. I can't wait.


  6. Thanks ya'll for the well wishes, and I'm glad you like the cover. I'm very pleased with it. :)

  7. Congrats on the new cover, it's lovely. The colours are stunning.

    Take care!


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