Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life is soooo unfair

I do. I really, really want cake. *sigh* Mini and I had yummy grilled hamburgers for lunch (bunless, of course), and steamed broccoli with cheese. Now after being so good for the past few weeks, the fates are thwarting me by making me crave cake! *shakes fist at those harpies*

Overall a good day. I've printed up the sexy vampire smut story that I finished a few days ago. Anyone remember Serge from Wicked Temptation? Um, yeah, that would be the "hero" of this naughty tale. It's untitled as yet, but it's ready for red penning and a general clean up. I have an eye on a publisher for this one and I kinda have to hurry if I'm going to get it out to them. No stress there or anything, right?

Speaking of writing and such: Open Office. I've been using it instead of Word because I don't have the Office edition yet on Cappy Laptop. I'm still stuck with Student on Cappy, and I have no idea where the reboot disk is for Old Silver - if I could even get that fossil to start up - so it's looking like I'm going to be using OpOfc for a while. Blah. Blah. Yesterday I needed to go over a chapter for my crit partner so alas, I figured I better actually learn how to do more than just leave notes in the margins. Well, lo and behold, I have discovered how to "record changes" on Open Office. And, yes, I googled to find out how. ^_^

Two more days until BSG! I've set a reminder on the TV so it'll tune straight in - that way I can't be blamed for cutting off Moose and Zee at whatever o'clock when the show starts. That can lead to much drama. When hubby sits on the couch to watch something, Mini will come running into the room. "Noooo! Not the Sci-Fi Channel!" Or the Travel Channel, etc. etc. Not sure what that says that the child has memorized the channel numbers and can tell where you're nav'ing to when scrolling through the guide, but there you have it, my hump day without the hump. What can I say? I had to wash my hair.

Onward to Thursday.... I hope your day has been a snazzy one!


  1. Perhaps you could substitute ice cream for cake?

    ...shoot, now i want cake.

    I don't have cake; not even a cake to bake. I have Oreo Cakesters, but really that's not the same as cake cake.

    what have you done!?


  2. Many sorries, Jenji. ~_~'

    Cakes are not only yummy; they're evil too. Hm. Ice cream? Now that you mention it, that would be super good with the cake - make that chocolate cake. Mmm....

    Ok. I checked and all we have in the house is a box of chocolate Poptarts. Figures!

  3. Cake. Oh, cake how we love thee. Thy sweetness, they soft, tender flesh in our mouths...

    Best of luck with the vampire smut! I'm clawing up the werewolf outline today. Far from red-penning anything.

    BSG. The show I've always meant to watch.

  4. AE, love your Ode to Cake! ^_^


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