Friday, January 09, 2009

If They Don't Dance

Everything is almost ready for tomorrow. I have to get up bright and early to take the kids for a stay at Grammy's house. I'll be meeting up with fellow writers in Ruston and we'll carpool to Bossier (Boe-zure*) for the January NOLA Stars meeting. Adult conversation combined with writing how-to. I'm not going to know how to act.

I've still got to arrange a few things so I can do a hit and run in the morning: garbage take off, mail the bills, and drop in at the Wolf Stop for a fill up. Mom laughed at me about that when I was telling her on the phone. Yeah, yeah, I'm always ill prepared. I know. But watch me hang ten like supergirl in the morning, y'all. One way or another, I'll get it all done.

Today I had fun chatting for a few minutes with the fabulous AE Rought while scouring the ends of the earth for the Tor Romance guidelines. I now know the target range of my fantasy wip - which is well underway in the plot department. This weekend, however, I want to finish up draft 2 of a shorty short contemporary erotic that I've set aside for another anthology. For some reason, this story is taking more polishing than I'd originally anticipated, and I can't tell if I'm just being picky or what. I plan to contact one of my editor friends over this one, because it's going out to an unknown market (to me anyway) and I want to make sure I've got all my bases covered.

So that's it for me today. I basically took things at a slower pace in order to insure the survival of my offspring. Surprisingly enough, it also kept at bay that nagging headache that's been hovering for the past two days. At any rate, wish me luck tomorrow! And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. ~_^

* Only adding that because I've been asked.

It's long overdue! A Friday Dance Break! Sing along if you know this one. You.Know.You.Want.To. *_*
~dance break~ ~dance break~ ~dance break~


  1. Looks like great minds think alike. I had an 80s dance break on my blog too. :-P

    Let me know how the meeting goes. I hope you get struck by writer fire that makes you uber productive. ;)

  2. Hope you are having a good time and enjoying the needed break from mommy-ism. ::grins::

    I loved that song when it first came out. What was I thinking? LOL.

  3. Safety dance! Love it!

  4. LOVE your dance break song Isabelle! I recently uploaded that one to my play list! As for the meeting, it went well. I'll have to give you the fine details later. Still no fire though. I don't know where it went. :/

  5. LOL, Cass! ^_^ Come on, it's a great song - think about it. There's frolicking. And a maypole. And frolicking. Hehehe!

    Now, if someone is still doing the actual safety dance dance- that S arm thing - they may need therapy.

  6. Tam! ^_^ It's one of my guilty pleasures.


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