Monday, January 12, 2009

The Housewife Diaries vol. 1


I'm in the middle of cooking supper, so we'll see how far I get with this post. I had a package to pick up at the post office this morning, and usually if it's something like a cabbage or something from ebay I'm racing up there to get it. It was so cold this morning I didn't want to climb out of bed, regardless of warm, fuzzy pjs. I curled up on the couch with Mini until about 9 or so, then I realized I had to face the day. In other words, I needed coffee.

I got Mini dressed and we took the trash out to the kitties. Ok, I know that sounds odd, but that's what we say when taking off the garbage: going to see the kitties. Out near the school - our closest garbage drop off - there is a paved, fenced, video monitored set of about 10 dumpsters. The fence is that wood plank stuff, very nice really, but it doesn't go down to the ground all the way so at any given time there are anywhere from ten to fifty cats hanging around up there. It's like a drive in petting zoo. People actually bring food for the cats, and sometimes you'll see this row of dry kibble spread out in lines across the pavement in this one corner that the cats seem to favor. Anyway, that's our set of bins. Going to see the kitties. Anyway....

We went there, and maybe two kitties were out, so I had to drive Mini past them really slowly so he could get a good look. Then it's up to the post to wait in line. If there is anything that builds character really fast, it's standing in line with a toddler. He wants to chat with every stranger in sight, and I keep telling him "Stay here. Hold my hand." It's not that I don't mind the chatty, chatty part, but some people just seem questionable, you know? *_*

So it was a cabbage, and it's in this big box, and I didn't realize I was going to have to sign for it. I'm trying to hold Mini and draw on one of those auto-pad things with the light pen and everything I put down there looks like troll scratch. The postal worker took one look at it, and I think the only reason she let it slide is because she's seen me coming in there once a week for the past 17 years.

Mini of course wants to open the box as soon as we're outside.
"Mimi, Mimi! Let's open it!"
"No, sweetie, it's a cabbie. She'll get dirty."
"But it's from Santa!"
"No, hon, Santa's over. This is a doll from L*****."
He pauses to think about this. "But it could be a Jeep!"

I listen to this all the way to Wallyworld. We are out of dog kibbies, milk, bread, sanity, patience, Equal, and food. First thing in the store: "I want a toy!" I'm thinking more along the line of a tabletop heater since the other one went out last week. I tell ya, actually having a heater makes a difference. :P

I wandered around in the hardware department looking for someone, anyone to get a space heater off the tip top shelf - there is only 2 of the kind I want there - and they are all out of reach by everyone but members of the NBA. I finally get tired of hunting the aisles for a non-existent worker and trek down to the garden department.

I tell the ponytail guy at the garden register. "I need someone to get a space heater off the shelf for me, please."

He looks at me with annoyance. "Why didn't you ask someone over there?"

And I get stared at like I'm too stupid to live?

Instead of moving from his post behind the 'I'm a manager, I shouldn't have to do anything' podium, he shouts across the store - erm, well, the seven or so aisles to the hardware department. "Name! Name! This lady needs something."

Now I am not exaggerating. I combed the entire hardware department looking for help, and I do not know where the guy was hiding, but he was not on the sales floor in any of the aisle. However, at the sound of this manager's voice he literally appears out of nowhere. I swear, he must've been sitting on the floor behind the paint counter hiding out. Unreal.

Two minutes later, I have a Honeywell Calentador Ambiental A 360 - De Mini Torre in my buggy. Woot! Heat! I make it across the store, and I'm browsing the dino-shaped chicken nuggets when my phone rings. I think it's Jay, so I don't even look at it, but when I flipped it open it's Isabelle! ^_^

Isabelle had some truly awesome, wonderful, exciting news to tell me - BUT! I'm not going to spoil it by going into details. I'm just going to say congratulations!!! And if anyone is reading and wants to know her good news, keep an eye on her blog. I'm sure she won't be able to contain her excitment for long. ~_^

The rest of my day went by smooth and clean. Until around 4, when the mail arrived. AT&T - I swear to all that is tech and/or holy - do you think it's possible to get my wireless statement right even once? Ah, the joys of domestic living.

Overall, a good day, especially for a Monday. I hope yours was just as sparkly!


  1. ;) You're right! I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Ha ha.

    Sorry to have bugged you. I really just wanted to say hi! Though your trip to Wally-world and Mini's cricket noises were fun to listen to. :)


  2. Silly woman, you didn't "bug" me! It was a fun chat and you know it. Hehe! ~_^ Our phone time was the high point of the day - one can never have enough good news!


  3. Yay, for Isabelle!

    And, sounds like your domestication is nearly complete. Snort. I didn't know you collected Cabbies, too! I have three. I'd have more, but there's just not enough room for Cabbies, and BABWs, and other plush-n-stuffs, and y'know, those all important clothes and things...

  4. AE, cabbies are my obsession. Cabbages and Poochie. Help us all. I'll have to send you a link to some of my dollies to corrupt *cough, cough* I mean inspire you.



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