Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Solstice Weekend

Today is Oldest's last day of school before the holidays. Yesterday he sent me on a quest for a gigantic bag of Doritos. (Regular nacho cheese, mom, can you do that?) Yeah, son, I think I'll manage. Heh.

I tell ya, I'm ready for the downtime. Usually I'm scrambling the week before Christmas, but there hasn't been a frantic rush this year. Not for presents, recipes, none of that. I do feel a sense of immediacy - that the season is coming down to the wire - and I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm whipping the pony, trying to rush it to finish line. Anything to get 2008 behind us. This has been a foul, horrible year. I've heard, though, that trying years like this one are "transition" years. Bridges that cross the gap between life stage and another. I've been wondering a lot lately if that's true. We will see....

I was talking with a friend earlier today about Winter Solstice coming up this Sunday. It's supposedly a time of coming out of darkness, and boy, it couldn't come at a better time! I have a candle all ready to burn in preparation. I imagine by then hubby will be on his way home from Texas, and hopefully I'll have finished this short story I'm working on. There's really not much more to go on it, but it's a matter of sitting down to "just do it". Mini is an attention hound, so I have to jump on the comp and write in short bursts while he's occupied elsewhere: playing trucks, coloring, or when he drifts by the TV and stops long enough to watch something.

It's a hectic process, and I always feel like I'm not give him enough "Mimi time" when its like this, so over the weekend, I think we'll have to do something crafty - maybe make some foam ornaments to hang on Emo Tree. Something like that. Speaking of Emo Tree.... I really should post more pics. I've totally glammed out the tree with a barf-fest of buckets of sparkly icicle tinsel, so now it's more like the glitter-slut cousin of emo now.

My *new* newsletter will go live on December 29th. It will be my post-Christmas/ New Year edition. I'll be running an exclusive contest to give away a Cora Zane T-shirt and some other goodies. Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested. I'll be posting again once the newletter is loaded and live.

Well, it's time for Mini's nap nap, so I have to jet. I hope you're all having a snazzy Thursday!

PS... I totally forgot to mention has a swarm of sexy free reads up for grabs at their website just in time for the holidays. Don't forget to drop by and download a little something for yourself. Tis the season for reading...and for telling a friend! ~_^

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