Monday, December 15, 2008

A Week of Mondays

I swear, this is the week of Mondays. Hubby is on a project in Texas and now he's sick. That's had me worried becaue they're out working in the elements, then Oldest brought home news from school today that nearly made me run screaming into the wilderness. On top of this, as Mini would say: My nose is buggin'. El Sinus infection abounds. Rats!

Tomorrow I have a ton of errands to run. I should've taken care of part of it today, but it was rainy, nasty and cold. I really didn't want to get Mini out in it; he's got a cough started and I'm trying to do something about it before it turns to a full on cold.

On the writing front, my little end of the year wip is progressing. The story is running a bit longer than I would like, but for the most part it's as it should be. I imagine I'll trim it back considerably before jetting it off to a crit partner for a read through.

If you're following the publishing crisis, Editorial Ass has pointed out a MUST READ article. But it's not all doom and gloom. I actually found a positive article out there. According to, HarperStudio may very well be the pioneers who change the face of publisher/distributor relationships by no longer accepting book returns. Borders has agreed not to return HarperStudio books, but to discount the titles in store and try to sell them that way. I hope in the face of their own struggles (Borders), they're able to stay open and that thier change in policy will start a revolutionizing trend.

It's a bit late, so I better get on the writing wagon. Wherever you are, I hope you're all warm and cozy. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow, what fantastic articles. Whether it wants to see changes or not, the publishing industry is going to have to. When I first started searching for publishers I only researched traditional houses, but in the last six months I’ve been doing a lot of research into e-publishing and I’ve found some good houses. Apparently, judging from the level of writing I’ve found out there, other authors have too. The e-publishing houses are really holding their own. And since they don’t have to buy back copies that weren’t sold, and they don’t hold royalties from authors (at least not that I’ve heard of), I think I prefer that route. I don’t think traditional publishing will ever completely go out of business, but I do think it’s going to be scaled back considerably as houses see the profitability in e-publishing and POD. So sorry your family is sick, hope they feel better soon.

  2. There is definintely something going around. The weather is highly responsible for the number of stuffy noses plaguing the lot of us.


    Keep chugging along on the end of the year story! You'll have it done in no time. (is it totally selfish that I'm kind of excited about it's length?) ^_^'

  3. Neoindra, I definitely think authors are going to turn more toward epubbing if traditional publishers shrink their yearly output and drastically cut acquisitions.

    I'm not sure how the overall outlook will effect epublishers, certainly sales have slowed somewhat for them as well, but with the lower cost of overhead -that's where opportunities will be for people seeking to be published and paid royalties.

  4. LOL! Isabelle, I'm still working on it nightly - it's harder to get my word count in with hubby gone out of town to work. It's not going to be much over 5k, though. I promise! ^_^


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