Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rainy Evening and Email Answers

I got a package today from New Concepts Publishing. I panicked at first because I know I didn't order anything, and when I pulled four books out of the shipping package I nearly fainted. Who could've used my card to get these? Inside, with the books, there was a small note saying happy holidays, thank you, and that the books are a gift in the spirit of the season. Wow!

Also, I updated my MS Office today. I've been using the trial version of the Student/Home version, and it was about to expire. I didn't want to lose my current documents - well, I'd still have them, but wouldn't be able to modify them - so I paid for the key and unlocked the product while they still had the $50.00 off discount. The only thing is, student is meant for non-commercial use. This version doesn't have track changes or comment ability. Eventually I'll have to go get full monty, small business version, but I was wondering in the meantime....

Has anyone ever gone through actual edits using Open Office? If you have, please comment here and let me know how it differs, or send me at email at corazane(at)aol(dot)com. Please let me know if you had any issues with compatibility. Oh, and how did you handle tracking changes and leaving comments?

Over the Christmas holiday, I received a few emails asking me if I review/feature books here on my blog, or if I haven't, will I consider it. The answer is yes. I will and do review books here on my blog; however, I do have a few requirements before I'll agree to it.

1.) First, the book must be erotica, horror, or romance of some kind - any subgenre except inspirational - for me to read it. If your book contains potentially offensive, or controversial subjects, please don't bother. Think of it this way... Would you really want a person who doesn't read westerns reviewing your western book? I didn't think so. I'm fair, and snark isn't my thing, but I really don't want to slog through a story I wouldn't ordinarily read.

2.) Never fear, I do not write slam reviews. It hurts to receive them, and I damn sure won't write them. I'll leave that to "the experts" or whatever, thanks. However, I will give my honest opinion for my time spent. If I read your book and it doesn't agree with me at all - and I'm talking about to the nth degree, I won't review it on my blog. Period. That said, if I come across a book like that, I'll write you a personal review by email and you can decide what to do with it. If you wish, I will feature your book - cover and blurb - and give away a free copy to my readers, but I won't post a review. This leads me to rule 3....

3.) Whether your book is an ebook or in print, if you'd like a review, a copy to give away to the readers here on my blog is required. I don't do fly by hits. Kthanxbye. I'm actually surprised by the number of "hey, do this for me" emails that send me a blob of html to copy and paste. Just for the record: that is rude and it is SPAM. No, it doesn't hurt to email and ask, but neither does it hurt to be professional. Any more emails sent to me that are a question and coding - I'll delete it unanswered.

If you would like me to review your book, send me an email at corazane(at)aol(dot)com with REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line, and ask me if I have time to review your book. In that email, please tell me what the book is, and what genre/subgenre it falls into. More than likely, I will make time to review your book. I know how hard it is sometimes to get a review for your material, especially if you are new on the scene. I will try to help you the best I can. However do not expect a next day review. It can take me up to a week and a half to read a book, sometimes - depending on the story and what's going on in my life - it can take a little longer. That's before I get to the actual review writing!

Now that I've got that covered, the diet! Yes, I'm still on the diet, and yes I've stayed faithful throughout Christmas. I've discovered that nothing builds character quite like turning down fresh baked, santa shaped sugar cookies. But my curves are thanking me. The scale hasn't budged much but the measuring tape is! Overall I've lost 3 inches from my waist, 2 from the bust, and 2.5 inches from my hips. I'm down a jean size, and while at the parent's house at Xmas, dad even noticed the loss. *apocalypse* Most importantly, my blood glucose is at normal levels, and I haven't been having those sudden spells of exhaustion midday.

That about covers it for now. I'm counting down the days to the New Year. Bring it on! Until then... Happy Saturday! ~_^


  1. I'm so proud of you for sticking to your diet! Especially during the holiday season. That's a real test of will power. :) Good job!

    And how weird, the package from NCP. Maybe they're trying to get back old customers who have fallen away? Seems a little strange though. Or was it someone you know sending you gifts for good will? I'm confused. ha ha.

  2. Thanks, Isabelle! It's been a test, for sure. My mom made lemon squares. *faint* I didn't eat one. Not even a nibble!

    I honestly have no idea about the books, but the packaging slip says to "please accept these books, our gift to you in appreciation for your patronage."

  3. YAY on the diet Cora! You're an inspiration. Think I need to get back on the bandwagon. :-)

    As for Open office, I used to use it and really recommend it. The only reason I'm not now is I finally broke down and bought the office version of MS because I'd bought the PDA as a reader(did not realize I had to have the office outlook email doodaddy to connect it to my computer when I bought it, which also meant I couldn't even get the cheaper student version). :-( Learned a lot this last year on that. Though I still like my PDA, and read on it all the time, I totally wish I'd gone with the Sony Reader. Would have saved me a lot in the long run and I would have had a bigger screen to read off.

    But...I'm getting sidetracked. :-) My cp's and I would do comments no problem back and forth all the time. One of my cp's still does use Open Office while I use the 2007 ms word which uses the docx. She is still able to make comments and so forth. Personally I'd rather use Open Office and support them--the whole concept/idea I really like. And it works great. But since I've paid a gazzillion dollars now for this new word...guess I'll be using it for a very very long time. :-)

  4. Thanks, Cole! The weight loss is slow, but I'm hanging in there. :)

    And thanks for the heads up on Open Office! I figured out how to leave notes in the margins - like comments on Word. Do you know if there is anyway to track changes? What does it look like, opening a document with track changes on it in open office?

  5. Hi Cora - Glad you are figuring things out. I'm sorry I can't help you on the tracking changes. I don't even know how to do that in word. I've actually thought about it when you've mentioned it in passing about how many changes you made and so forth...thinking...huh, wonder how she does that? :-) And kind of curious as to why you'd want to know. I make so many...I don't think the machine can count that high. ;-)

  6. Thanks for keeping with me on this one, Cole, and for checking back.

    Every ebook I've done except the first was edited in Word. I think most epublishers edit in this way, although I can't be sure. All I know is that the three companies I've worked with have all used it. That being the case, it's kind of necessary for me to have the key edit features.

    The track changes is for passing documents between two people. It marks the changes in two colors - one for each person. To turn it on, open a Word document and there is a little greyed out toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Click on the letters : TRK . To turn it off, click on TRK again and it will grey out once more.

    If you turn it on TRK then type something into your wip, the letters will be in color (blue or red usually)- that's the changes the other person will see when you pass the document on to someone else. If you delete something, whatever you delete - letters and punctuation - will appear in a comment balloon with red dotted arrows showing you where it went in the manuscript.

    The other person working with you can accept or reject that "comment" depending on if they approve or reject the change.

    So that's the skinny of it. There's a review pane too that you can turn on, but I don't use it unless there's a stubborn mark I can't approve or reject from the manuscript. The review pane is a huge, horizontal panel at the bottom of the page and basically works like a scrolling list of all the changes throughout the manuscript. I usually keep that turned off because it's clunky and takes up tons of space. But then that's another animal entirely.


  7. WOW, thanks Cora. :-)


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