Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rainy Day

What a messy, rainy day. Early this morning, I went antique shopping with hubby - who is home, waiting to find out where the heck he's being assigned. Grr. I could go into a very long rant about that, but I'll save you all from that one, and perhaps save my blood pressure in the process.

The antique shop is a new place in town that used to be a grocery store. When we first moved to this area some 17 years ago, that was the grocery store we used. It closed down sometime after Oldest was born. I think he was around 2 or so. Anyway, we've always hoped someone would come back in and open the place. Well, I guess we finally get our wish. How long they stay open remains to be seen. Mom and pop businesses don't seem to last very long these days.

It's basically in import junk shop with an attached antique section. I walked through the entire store and picked up a few little things. I didn't go through the actual antique section until the very end. They had a lot of antique toys and furniture. My first find was a foot tall iron rooster. The rooster had been glazed with color - blue, red, and yellow - but age has chipped it and it faded it in just the right places along the edges and it's just a lovely piece of old iron. I couldn't leave without it.

Sorry for the poor resolution and grainy smooges everywhere. I took the pic with my cell phone to save dragging out the Fuji and doing the SD card, etc. etc. The colors are much brighter than they appear in the pic. And isn't he just a feisty guy? ^_^ He's now hanging on the end of my upper kitchen cabinets.
Well, the guys are all off to bed, so I think I'm going to go take over the living room for a while. I ordered a copy of Disturbing Behavior and it came in a day or two ago. I haven't yet had a chance to watching and I've been itching to do just that. Until next time....
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love, love LOVE the snowy picture. :)

    The rooster has lots of personality. Looks like a great find!

    Enjoy your movie. I think I'm going to try and hit the bed early tonight.


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