Monday, December 08, 2008

NOLA Stars Xmas Party Video And More

I'm so glad it's Monday, so I guess the old saying "there's a first time for everything" is true. The weekend went by at the speed of light, and I'm still recovering. Hubby laughed at me this morning on the phone. He said he'd tried to wake me up to tell me he was going to check on a job site, but I wouldn't wake up enough to make coherent sentences. He said I merely told him, "Take your cell phone in case you break down." Yep, that sounds like me! ^_^ However, I don't remember any of it.

I stayed up chatting with Isabelle Santiago until 2 AM while working on my newsletter - which is coming along nicely by the way. Isabelle, if you're reading this, are you as tired as I am this morning?

The winter newsletter issue will be up very soon, so keep a look out! I'll be giving away a Cora Zane T shirt to one lucky reader who downloads the Winter Issue. On another note - signed Werekind bookcards. I've been asked where to get them. I give them away promo bags and contests all the time. If you'd like a signed bookcard from me, all you have to do is ask me and I'll send you one. Simple as that. There are lots of ways to contact me:, on Facebook or Myspace, here on the blog, Author's Den, and through Twitter. The bookcards are first come first served, and while supplies last. I won't be doing a reorder until after the new year.

A lot happened over the weekend. First things first, I went to the RWA NOLA Stars Chapter Christmas party in Shreveport on Saturday with Beth Cornelison, and ended up taking 2 videos and a heap of pictures. Of course, you won't find me in any of them, but that's ok. I think another member had a camera and I'm going to be searching for those as yet unseen shots. ^_^

Instead of trying to upload a bunch of pictures, I turned them into a video. I'm no movie maker, for sure, but it was a lot easier to do this that fighting with Photobucket and/or bandwidth issues. The shots are in chronological order - from arrival and chatting in the sitting room, to eating lunch in the den, the gift exchange, to the silent auction at the end.

I have two more videos to upload today. They're from the gift exchange, which had a fun twist. Each person who brought a gift drew a number. When their number was called, they were able to pick a gift from under the tree OR STEAL someone else's gift. ^_^ A person could only be stolen from 3 times, and then they reached immunity and were left with the gift they held in hand.

I traded a book with Lenora Worth at the very end of the exchange. An "outside" negotiation. Perfectly legal. ~_^ She got a copy of Stephen King's On Writing, a book that has been on my Amazon wish list for ages. She already had a copy, so we traded - the book I'd unwrapped as my gift was an autographed copy of inspiration advice for writers. Not an easy choice to make, but now I have Stephen King's book off my wishlist! Woot! I started reading it just last night. I'll post more about it once I'm finished.

When I made it back home Saturday, hubby had cooked pork chops, bless him! I was a very good girl at the Xmas party, and while I wasn't starving exactly when I got home - I had devilled eggs, chicken, and someone made this rockin' awesome cheesy broccoli dish at the party - I wasn't opposed to chowing down on chops. Hey, I'm a born and bred southern girl, what can I say? ^_^

I didn't cheat on Atkins once at the party, and even dropped a pound. I'm currently down 7 pounds from when I started on Dec. 1st. Woot! I have a mini goal this week to lose 3 pounds.

Yesterday Oldest had his first date. Oh my. It went well, and those two...dare I say it. They are like peas in a pod. It's nerve wracking to imagine it. Just seeing the way they look at each other, you know they've both got the gaga's. *_* Anyway, the kids have already made plans for the coming weekend, and it looks like I'll be driving. I sense something starting, but oh, I dare not look too deep....

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I wasn't so tired when I first woke up, but now that I've hit the early afternoon hours, I'm absolutely tipsy with exhaustion. ;) Plus, they drew lots of blood, so I think I'm lightheaded too. Last night was fun though!

    The pictures look great. Such a nice, intimate setting. And yay for trading gifts. *dream come true* Ha ha.

    Tell hubby I said sorry for keeping you up so late! ;)

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I love that game but it's very frustrating cause just when you think you're going to get to keep the present you like, someone steals it. Sooo much fun! You work so hard, Cora. Much success on the diet. You can do it.


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