Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Baubles

Hubby is back home! He text'd me around 3 to let me know he was on the way from Texas, and I had to race around the house to wrap his presents before he got home. Heh. I'd left them in the bags next to the coatrack-chair in the dining room. Anyway, I managed to get all his stuffins taken care of, and a few of my parents' gifts as well. I'm going to have to pick a day to take Minibeast and Oldest to Mom's so I can get the rest of the boys' goodies wrapped.

I did another round of Christmas shopping today, but it was mostly for necessities - gift bags and num-nums to make a pecan cheesecake and stuff for devilled eggs. Overall it's been a slow, comfortable day.

Last night after Mini was asleep, I sneaked out of bed and worked on my wip for a few hours. I'm on the final chapter - it's a curse, I swear. I get right to the end of a wip and the process just drags and drags. Bleh. Maybe it's psychological: reluctance to let go of the characters. I don't really know, but when I went to bed last night it felt like I'd barely written a paragraph.
Now that hubby's home, I'll be able to get in a full session tonight. Hopefully I can at least get the text in it's proper place. I can always go back and tidy it up on the second round. At any rate, there isn't much left, if I can just shove the words out the door, so to speak. Wish me luck!
Happy weekend, everyone!

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