Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Goodness

Three guesses what Santa brought the MiniBeast this year? *lol* Here he is on Christmas morning in his pajamas, gloves, slippers, jacket and the requisite Speed Racer hat. He opened all his presents, and then we dressed him in just enough to stay warm and told him we were going "bye-bye". He raced to the front door and opened it, and let out this big gasp. "JEEEEEEP!"

I take it he likes his present. ^_^

Actually we didn't go all out crazy this year. We hit the sale and limited gifts to a certain number each. I suppose we're not the only ones who had to stretch our dollars, but the point is, we had a good holiday and the kids are happy. Oldest is thrilled with his stuff this year. We picked up an MP3 player and a digital video recorder that plugs directly into his computer. So now he can make his own videos and put them on youtube. He also seems to like the new jacket I picked out for him - a stripy, emo/scene jacket with scrolly skulls on it. It's close to 80 degrees, I'm wearing cut offs and flip flops and he'd walking through the house zipped up in that jacket.

So today is Boxing Day. Do you honestly think I'm boxing anything? Meh. :P No, I plan to leave Emo tree up until after the New Year. Once the tree is down, for the first two weeks I miss the lights.

Yay! Food is here! Hubby just walked through the door with chicken, so I'm off to go eat. But here's a video of Mini playing to round off the day.


  1. Hey Cora! Cool jeep, I think I'm jealous. :)

  2. Ooh, I wanna go for a ride! :)
    Think Mini would drive his Auntie CC?


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