Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Jazz and Caramelldansen

It's Monday, so I've officially gone through my 2 weeks induction on Atkins. I've lost a total of 9 pounds, which strangely enough, is the exact amount I lost the last time I went through induction. Maybe that means I'll have similar successful results.

Hubby left for Texas this morning, so it's me and the kidlets - and, well, my parents across parish lines. I plan to thoroughly clean the house so I won't have to kill myself on it daily. The house tends to stay less messy *cough, cough* when hubby is travelling. But I didn't tell you that! ~_^

I've got to do some shopping this week for the hubster and my parents. Santa has already picked out everything for the boys, I just need to wrap it all and tuck it into the Santa Sack in the back of my closet. The thing with shopping for hubby-he's so darn hard to shop for! My dad is just as bad. They both usually heehaw around about what they actually want when you ask them, but two days before Xmas, you're sitting down with your morning coffee and they come crawling out of the woodwork: "You know, sweet, I would kinda like a whatsawhosageezit from Santa this year." *_*

Um, couldn't you have told me three weeks ago so I could have it imported...from the bowels of Christmas gift HELL? I swear, they must think I have stuff teleported in from eBay sometimes. I usually end up getting them something they didn't ask for and probably never thought about, but by then it can't be helped. I've been pestering hubby about what he wants for Xmas since October, but he still hasn't said for sure. If he ends up with a bunch of sausage and cheese sets it's his own fault.

Books are on my own wishlist this year. There are two in particular I'm hoping Santa will bring: Acheron, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Dark Curse, by Christine Feehan. I saw both at Books A Million the last time I went, but I couldn't afford roughly thirty bucks each for a hardcover. (That's something to think about publishers! Go paperback faster, please! I love books, but thirty dollars is a tank of gas for my Jeep. And I have to be able to get to the bookstore to actually buy anything. Just a thought....)

So anyway, speaking of books, I read this interesting post over at Nathan Bransford last night (when I should've been writing). We all like to get a deal on books, especially with the economy the way it is now, but he really puts into perspective why we should all buy books NEW.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Go Go Cora! Woot! You're doing great!
    If you miss having a man around, I can send Bear. LOL.

  2. Thanks, moonsis!

    LOL! Bear wouldn't let you outta his sight for a minute. Nice try though. Hehehe! ^_^


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