Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Year of the Emo Tree

I still mourn the passing of our beloved, fiber optic disco tree from years past, and knew we would have to get a new Christmas tree this year. Hubby took on the task of buying the tree, and I should have known....

Behold 2008 is officially the year of the Emo Tree, which is really sort of fitting because very little came out of 2008 for us except for tears.

My husband took this effing tree out of the box and I kid you not: it is black tinsel. Not grey, green, or dark blue. Goth black. I stared at this thing, then at hubby. I know he's still hung up on the all black, 80s new wave thing - Soft Cell and all that, ya know? A black Christmas tree? But I thought we were putting one up for the kids?

"We are!" He tells me, and presents me with Disney Cars Christmas ornaments, as well as blue garland, and glittery green disco looking balls. You can see one of the checkered flag Cars balls on the left side of that picture. Egads, man.

Honestly, this has to be the ugliest, gaudiest tree we have ever had, and who am I to understand it, but with those Cars ornaments Mini thinks it is the finest tree ever. I am NOT impressed. All I can say is that hubby is lucky the tree is pre-lit, because otherwise it looks like one of those long skinny brushes you use to clean out behind the refrigerator.

I plan to buy rainbow garland, spray snow, and 4 boxes of silver icicles on Friday and I am burying this tree in all of it. When I'm done no one will know besides the three of us that the hideous emo tree is actually black. And if they tell, no one will find their bodies! >:P

Anyway, I was taking pictures of the tree tonight and asked Kinz what he thought of it. His reaction....

I take it that means "not worth lifting a leg to", but I don't speak doggish. Not fluently anyway. For all I know he could be telling me my leather shoes smell tasty. I'd probably agree, but then that's just weird. I do like that "new shoe smell" though.

So I'm off to go try and type up that LAST chapter to my formerly lost wip. I'm almost ready to send it. If I don't have it all together by Friday, someone please hit me with a big stick. Just don't hit me hard. I'm a total wuss when it comes to pain.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


  1. If my DH did that, he'd officially be on the missing person list. LOL I know my daughter would have a fit. Green Christmas tree all the way.


  2. My Christmas tree is the ficus tree that I have to bring in every winter anyway (the apartment isn't big enough for two trees). :)

  3. I'm with AA - hubby's life would be in danger, and he'd definitely be hauling that ugly tree back to the store. OMG a BLACK Christmas tree. *shuddering*

  4. Marci, LOLOL! I am a green Christmas tree fan too. Green or white. We had a white tree for a year or two and it looked really pretty. But this one...ugly. No doubt about it. *sigh*

    word verify: ateradly

    Ok. I'm not quite awake yet and I keep staring at it. Does it mean something? Ate radly? I think I better make coffee....

  5. I miss house plants, Ann. Our house is too dark for them, though. Not enough windows. We do have a HUGE aloe on the dining table to keep it from the frost, and that's the only place in the house it can get natural light.

    But Christmas trees! You could get one of those little blinky, table top ones? Three dollars with fiber optic lights? We have one that Mini runs around the house with. The ultimate tree - totally portable. ^_^

  6. It's definitely an acquired taste, Leah. I wish I could take it back, but I don't have tags, receipts, nothing. So it will be glitter bombed on Friday. We'll see what happens...

  7. Oh my, hon. I didn't even know they made black trees. >.< I have to say, the DH would be packing that sucker back in the box and returning to, too.

    +1 for getting your tree up before me, though! WTG :-P


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