Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sinus Infection is to Alien Abduction...

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Mini came and woke me up this morning around 8 AM. I stared at him, then at the clock. I couldn't believe I'd slept that late, and that I hadn't felt him climb out of bed. Usually he rolls over and flops his feet on me, or starts talking to me about cars or something interesting to him - Speed Racer, Pingu, Diego - stuff like that in general. It's like someone flips a switch and he's talking.

None of that. I remember nothing. I stayed up late Sunday night and did a heap of laundry, and in between loads, I typed up part of my manuscript. I've almost got it down now, and I hope the person I promised to send this thing too doesn't black list me for not having sent it by now. I couldn't avoid the delay with the comp crash and all this sickness going around combined. I plan to toss a note in when I send it - hopefully they'll still accept the submission. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I don't remember a thing, and he's looking at me and saying something like, Mimi,are you going to get up already? I could barely hear him, I'm deaf in one ear thanks to the sinus infection. I'm popping Mucinex like TicTacs and taking a round of Doxicyclin - it's a wonder I'm not spewing like Mt. Vesuvius. I sit up on the edge of the bed since my balance is a little off due to the ear thing, and Mini grabs my hand, "Come on, Mimi! Let's play!"

OMG. Where are the coffee gods when you need them? I could seriously use a Starbucks version of the Kool-aid Man. Now tell me that wouldn't rock? I make it to the kitchen and the MiniMite comes up with a sudden gusher of things he wants me to do - "Can you put the TV on Diego? Will you play with me? Come on, Mimi, let's find a toy!"

I don't remember how exactly, but I manage to appease him with a dump truck and Noggin while I go on a mad hunt for the bottle of Triaminic. I come back into the dining room and sit down with a Dr. Pepper and the computer - and that's when I see my to do list...

Picking up Oldest's photos takes top priority. His chemistry teacher came up with this brilliant plan to make all the kids do a project requiring them to have a disposable camera. No problem! The only thing is, she gave a set amount of time of a week and a half to complete the project. OK. We have no one hour photo here anymore, and I wonder if she was aware of this before she assigned the project. It took Oldest's pictures a week to be developed, and they called me today to pick them up -this being right after they received them. The project is due tomorrow. Oldest managed to pull everything together this evening, but I imagine there are going to be quite a few of the kids who don't have pictures for their project. Whatever was she thinking? That parents are going to drive to Ruston or Monroe for 1 hour photo? In this economy? Just saying, ya know?

Mini and I made it back with the pictures late in the afternoon. The photo lab didn't call us to come and get them until 1pm. I also needed to pick up cough medicine for Mini, dog food for Doggi, and paper towels. End of list. Yet somehow I ended up with all those things plus a cart full of junk: an extra space heater, candles, chicken soup fixin's, a red fakie silk shirt, and a bottle of nail polish, blah, blah. It's an illness, I tell you! There has got to be some way to blame it on the shoe gnomes, I just need to think about it for a while....

So here I am, back home again. The day went well, but I feel like I went through it in huge skips. Missing time and all that. Sinus infection - alien abduction. What's the big difference, right? Hey, now that I think about it, that could very well be an SAT analogy question. Hm....

Sinus infection is to alien abduction, as Demented Torture is to
a.)Britney Spears
b.)Political Tele-Pundits
c.)Wall Street Bailout

It makes about as much sense, doesn't it? And at least with my analogy, there is no wrong answer. But then, I digress....

It's midnight now, and for the record, I've managed to type up several pages of wip. I'll have this thing back in order and ready to send by the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need to get this thing out the door so I can give my brain a cookie and work on something else.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oh sweetie, you're still sick?! That's not good!!! (far away hugs)

    Try and take it easy. I'm sure when you explain the computer issue, they'll understand. If you need anything email me.

  2. Bummer on still being sick! I have a sinus infection every year. Wouldn't be fall if I didn't blow something green and slimey out of my nose. *shudders*

    Rest as much as you can, hot tea, hot showers, warm blankies. And I'm sending healing thoughts.

    Love and Light!


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