Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Haz Landed


I went around lost for the better part of yesterday - daylight savings time totally screwed me up. Nonetheless, I made it through, and as it turned out, Mini went to bed an hour early because I can't be trusted to set the clocks. Hubby followed about an hour after Mini. He'd been up since about 4 AM, so he called it a night as well, leaving me to the silence of the house and not a damn thing on TV.

About five minutes after he trotted off to bed, I could hear his BEAR SNORES coming from the bedroom (and he teases me about needing a neti pot!). I go in there to make sure the fan is on low so he doesn't wake up with laryngitis or something the next morning. Mini is sacked out like a pajama'ed starfish on top of the covers, an arm throwed across hubby's face. I carefully rearrange him, tuck him in so his legs won't freeze, then I leave out before I either stub my toe on something in the dark or elsewise wake them up.

Nothing else to do, I go to work on my wip. Technically, the book is finished, but since I'm trying to rewrite parts of it, I've downgraded its "class" from full manuscript to wip. I'm trying to take into account what the judges recommended about the story, the things I add or change, but at the same time there are certain elements that I've found unmoveable - the story falls apart if I shift too much of it.

Anyway, I worked on the wip for a few hours, and I'd just rounded up a particularly tough section when the phone rang. I've been getting a lot of automated political calls, so I kind of frowned when I didn't recognize the name on the caller ID, but I answered it anyway. Good thing I did - it was my crit partner!

We always have the best chats, and we stayed on the phone for several hours. She called me to ask something, and we did eventually get around to figuring that out, but poor her, up to that point I think I dominated the conversation. *blush*. I didn't mean to, but darn, I couldn't help it - everyone else had gone off to bed! I'll have to email her later today and apologize for that. I can only imagine her tapping her foot thinking, "Cora, please shut up, Cora." and here I am, "Blah, blah, blah". Once I get started....^_^

We talked until her phone battery started beeping at her, and the connection fuzzed up. It was close to 2 in the morning when we finally called it a night. I came into the dining room and shut everything down after that - computer, lights, etc. I went back to the den and stayed up just a bit longer. I decided to flip through a few chapters of Shotgun Wedding by Charlotte Lamb and got sucked into it.

It's been tough to get motivated this morning. I really should walk out to the mailbox to drop a few letters in, and dress Mini for a ride to town. I need to take back my library books, which are well overdue, and we also need milk. I know I'll end up doing it at some point today, but at the moment it just seems like a big hassle.

It's not going too bad, though; it's been a calm morning. Hubby has called a few times, and Mini has wrecked the den while playing. Here he is, still in his PJs, building towers in the den. My little ham....

That's it for me. I'm thinking it probably wouldn't kill me to put the plates in the dishwasher, so I best get to it while I'm feeling all motivated to clean. Until next time.... Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. I think I have Monday-itis as well. I woke up late and I'm completely groggy. I got a full night's sleep and I have a lot of cleaning and editing to do, yet I'm sluggish. Right now, I'm lounging and watching TV. *shakes head* If you find out how to get motivated, you'll have to tell me! Ha ha.


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