Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini-lope Sighting

As you can see, I captured a rare, antlered Mini-lope with my cell phone. Yes, we are ready for Christmas. And do you see that spare dining room chair in the background? That is where every male in the house drops his hat, coat, and even the occasional laptop bag. Drives.Me.Crazy. But, every so often I have to remind myself, if it looked like no one lived here, it wouldn't be a home. So I guess for now the hat rack chair can stay.

I'm feeling much, much better this morning. Thanks for all the well wishes and cold remedies. I do take notes on those and try them out. I can actually breathe this morning, which is just the bees knees. Just saying. I still can't smell anything, but eh, with the guys in the house that may not really be such a bad thing.

Hubby woke up feeling all yukked out this morning, so he stayed home, and is at this very moment snoring away on the couch. It's been kind of hard to get anything done this morning, but I'm planning to chip away at it until I accomplish something - even if it's just to knock down that mountain of laundry that has grown in the hallway since I got sick. Yeah, that definitely must go. I'm tired of looking at it.

I'm rewriting a chapter today, and I half way wonder if maybe I should swap POV to the hero for this one. At the same time, I don't like a lot of POV switching in a short story, especially something that will have the POV switch for only one small chapter. In that case, I really prefer to keep the POV consistent throughout the book.

I'll probably end up writing it both ways just to see which I like better, but I still need to get some character description in for her - the sooner the better. Anyway, that's my goal for the finish this chapter.

Not much else to report really. The house is quiet, the dishwasher is running, hubby snoozing, and Mini is playing in the den. It's starting out to be a cozy Monday.

Well, time to write. I hope you all have a great day!


  1. And do you see that spare dining room chair in the background? That is where every male in the house drops his hat, coat, and even the occasional laptop bag.
    OMG, I have one of those chairs too - only mine's in the living room by the front door. I despair that anyone will EVER be able to sit in it.

    And my sympathies with having hubby home - mine is off this week as well, only he's on vacation. And keeps coming to me with all the things "We" should be doing. *grumble grumble* I told him HE may be on vacation, but I am not. Hopefully your wordcount will be better than mine.

  2. You're going to own writing. I know it. ;) Work it out!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better. What a nice day. The family home, the sounds of a household. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love days like that.

  3. Oy, at least I'm not the only one with a hat rack chair. ~_~ And it sounds like my word count is suffering the same as yours. Oldest is out of school tomorrow for Veterans day, and the day after that, I have to drive mom to the doctor.

    I have just two more chapters to clean so I can send this puppy off. *sob*

  4. Thanks, Isabelle. *hug* ^_^

  5. Hi Cora, glad you're feeling better. That's a cute picture of Mini. Good luck with the writing. :)

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  7. Hee, hee... with us it's the bookcase in the living room closest to the door. He throws his keys up there, anything in his hands really. Like a can of bug spray, a screwdriver, change, mail to go out. Grrr.

    The first three rows are supposed to be photo frames and knick-knacks given to us by the family, and the last four rows are books, but the top rows also have the aforementioned things hubby likes to toss up there. Grrr.

    Often he just throws stuff up there and knocks over pictures or candles. Grrr.

    Not that he'll ever change or that I won't continue to bitch about it to him. LOL.

  8. Cass, ROFL!!! Your hubby is just giving you something to do everyday - like resetting those candles and pictures. But you know that. ~_^


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