Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet The Behemoth

I haz a printer!

My lovely Lexmark Z25 is no more. I unplugged it last night and turned it over to Oldest to live out the rest of its days with him in the Fungus Cave. Apparently it isn't compatible with the new laptop, so I showed Oldest how to go online and download her print driver from the Lexmark site for his own comp. Voila!

With the Lexmark out of the way, I finally dragged the unopened Dell printer box out of my office - the one I ordered to go with Pinkie laptop - and hooked it up. This new printer is so HUGE I've dubbed it The Behemoth! But truly it is a nifty little printer/scanner/copier thing. That is a Dell website picture of her, on the left: a Dell V305 wireless.

My personal Behemoth has a nifty little tramp stamp, which isn't shown in the picture. It's right next to the paper output tray on the far left. It looks like this:

Truly, with a printer this size - over twice as big as the Lexmark, and comparable in width/depth to a good sized microwave - I hope it's as ink efficient as it is energy efficient. We will see... The main thing is it works. ~_^

Earlier today I took Oldest to stay with my mom, and in the morning I have to get up and make a batch of devilled eggs and a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner at the parent's house. I sat and chit-a-chatted with her for a while then returned home to help Hubster manage Mini. He's finally over his case of ick and is basically running us ragged and making up for lost play time.

Once I was back, hubby and I cleaned out Mini's room. I dug through all three extra large storage bins we use for toy boxes, and sorted baby stuff from broken stuff; and things with wheels on from things missing wheels. Mini has this terrible habit of "mechanic-ing" on his cars - taking the wheels off, etc. There were a startling number of cars you'd likely see sitting up on blocks in some weeded lot somewhere. T

Mini watched me sort all the hotwheels and other cars/trucks/vans, etc into the Diego bins - which is like a 3 tier shelf but instead of actual shelf, even tier has 3 color code plastic bins for storage. The thing was stuffed to overflowing. I honestly thought there would be a lot less to keep. And, oy, what a challenge to keep it all in the bins once I got around to that. Mini kept seeing toys he'd forgotten existed and was going on a moc toystore rampage. *_*

With everything did and done, we're down 1 toy box - the largest one - which two grown adults could climb into and use for a bathtub. No kidding. We put all the baby toys (batteries removed) into that one and put it out in the shed.

We threw out three 30 gallon garbage bags full of broken/junk toys. I tossed everything from plastic easter egg casings to McDonalds junk. Ridiculous! We also got rid of the sit and spin, and Toecrusher (aka "The Mini-Cycle", which is one those ride or walk behind pedal free riding toys for babies). I spotted Mini tooling around the house on Toecrusher yesterday, and he was having to do a drag-knee platypus walk to get around on it because his legs are too long for it now.

Now, in order to initiate the room swap, we only have to clean out my office. Oh dear. It's far, far worse than Mini's room, I'm afraid. ~_~' There is a mammoth L shaped computer desk in there, a plastic utility cabinet full of disks dating back to 1992, yarn bins, a portable photo/lighting studio, two full book cases, my entire comic book collection (which weighs around 200 pounds all on its own!!), a vintage SSC Berry Happy Home on a wicker side table, a wicker egg chair, the main double-door curio cabinet in the house, OH...and that doesn't even take into account my dolls. Jeez, the dolls.... How the hell did I acquire all this junk?! *forehead smack*

I've determined a good many of the newer NRFB Cabbage Patch Dolls, Care Bears and My Little Ponies are going into the Toys For Tots donation box this year. I've accepted that I simply can't keep them all, and they'll be going for a good cause. But I digress.... The point is this room is going to be a JOB. Friday, I tell myself. Friday.

I'm doing another round of red penning tonight - so I better get on it! I tell ya, I will be so glad once I've shoved this story out the door. It's like the child clinging to the apron strings, I swear.

So that's it for me. In case I don't make it in to post tomorrow - Happy Thanksgiving!

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