Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hanging Out

Aw, cute kissing fish... they have absolutely nothing to do with the post, but the fact I heart them. ^_^

I'm actually waiting to see the result of Oldest's hair. I just bleached it for him, and he's in there washing the chemicals out as I'm tying this. I'm going to give him a cut once he's dry, and tomorrow, I'll put some Manic Panic Virgin Snow in to take out any residual yellow.

Tomorrow I'm taking him to see Twilight at the theater. We were coming back from my parent's after Thanksgiving dinner, and he mentioned he doesn't get out enough. *angst* We've had a busy holiday - Hubby's been off work and both kids are here - there hasn't been a lot of time to run the kidlets around here and there just for the heck of it. So, I promised him a movie, and that's what he wants to see. I keep encouraging him to read the book, but he's only thumbed through it so far. Maybe after the movie he'll sit down and read it.

**It's now thirty minutes later than when I started this post. Oldest came out with very light blonde hair. Next week we'll bleach it again to try for pure platinum. He really wants it white. Do a search on this blog for Quest for white hair and it should bring up previous efforts. Either way, it looks nice. I gave him 'scene hair' like he asked for. It's short on the sides and back, but has long tapered side bangs that are really fringy. I told him if it's still not fringy enough after it dries, we'll touch it up in a day or so. By far, it looks better than the "church lady haircut" the salon gave him that time. *_* Never again....

On to other things... I am not sure when my Winter Newsletter will be out. It could be in a few days, it could be in early January. I'd planned to put it out in early to mid November, but when Silver laptop died, it took my newletter capabilities away. So now I'm going to have to find another program to handle what I'm looking for. At this point I'm a little squeamish about going out to buy Microsoft Publisher - which is really what I prefer to make newsletters on. We'll see. At any rate, that's just a head's up. I have the content, but no way to get the thing out at the moment. I'll be sure to post far and wide with the next issue is ready.

That's about it tonight. I'm a bit sleepy, and I still have some work to do. I better get on it while I have the energy. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I love how adventurous Oldest is with his hair! :) I've always wondered what platinum white hair would look like on me, but I would NEVER have the gall to try it. Maybe I'll go a strawberry blonde after baby is born just to amuse myself. :)

    Let me know what you think of Twilight!

  2. Anything would look better than that church-lady haircut. What a horror it was. And I'm with Isabelle about Oldest's adventurousness.

  3. Isabelle, Twilight was great! It varied from the book quite a bit, but overall a great movie. Well worth the cost of going to see it at the theater, and Oldest loved it. He's determined to read the books now. What can I say, my job here is done. ^_^

    As for Oldest's hair - it turned out nice. I'll post a pic of it tonight. ;) It's more baby blonde, than platinum blonde - Oldest is a naturally blonde, so it's easy to give him a bleach out.

    BTW - strawberry blonde is pretty!

  4. Leah, ROFL! Yes, the church lady cut - that was horrific. *_* I cut and colored his hair myself this time, though, so no fright fest.


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