Saturday, November 15, 2008

Got A Gateway

Sorry no picture for this post, but I'm just now updating my brand new outta the box laptop so I don't have any pictures on here yet. Even so...woohoo! I'm back online.

I've floundered around with choices over the past few days. I knew I didn't want to go with another Dell - that experience with Pinkie totally turned me off with that brand. A darn shame, really, since Old Silver was a Dell and it served me better than any other computer I've ever owned. Still, I don't want to go through the hassle of Dell tech support anymore, nor do I want top risk getting a dud computer out of the box, so no Dell this trip.

Truthfully, I really, really wanted a Macbook Pro, but we learned over the weekend there are no Apple stores within a three hour drive of us, and I honestly didn't want to buy anything that didn't come from a brick and mortar store. Another symptom of a "Dell-Burned" customer. So, I went with a Gateway. It's a sleek silver and black, retail store version with Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor and 4 GB memory, 250 GB hard drive, digital media reader, built in webcam, and DVD/CD burner. Not too shabby for an ROOB PC. Speaking of "right out of the box", I will say this is the easiest, fastest set up and registration I've ever gone through. Crazy easy! I love it.

I'm sad to say Old Silver is a total loss. It's ridiculous, I know, but I'm so used to that computer, I miss it. That aside, I'm just glad I updated and burnt everything down when I did, because the only file I lost was the wip I was working on - which I have a print copy of it in its full form, in the very latest draft, so technically I've lost nothing. Rather, I just need to retype the wip and I'll have everything back where I need it to be - a small miracle. That has to be a first for me, ever.

So now I only need to buy the Microsoft Office Suite. I'll have to wait until next weekend to get Office, because I won't have a chance to make a dash to Ruston until then. I could do the desktop update, and do an upgrade online, but I do prefer to have the disks in hand. At any rate, I'm back in business. It may take me a few days to learn everything over again. This computer has Windows Vista - oy, same as Pinkie. I do prefer XP, but I'll take what I can get and keep on truckin'. ~_^

On the home front, it's been a quiet few days. I've been sticking by the phone to hear updates on my crit partner, who is in the hospital. I have prayer candles burning for her, and she never leaves my thoughts. That has been my #1 gray hair worry. I even dreamed I floated into her hospital room on Friday night. I'll be so glad when I can talk to her on the phone.

Mini has been sick since Friday. He woke up Friday morning and yucked all the way to the bathroom. Poor beast! His cough has gotten worse, it's dry and raspy, and last night I slept on the couch with him on my lap. I patted and rubbed his back, and he snored baby snores because he couldn't breathe. I ended up waking him around midnight so I could give him Triaminic expectorant, and baby Ibuprophen.

I'm doing much better, but my sinus problem has shifted to one side. I can feel it and HEAR it crackling behind my right ear. Which is the only thing I can hear out of my right ear at the moment. It feels like it's stuffed with cotton, and sounds like it too. *sigh* At least I can breathe, though.

Tonight Oldest went to his highschool homecoming dance. No date, but I'm sure he will be ok. He looked great in his jacket and tie, and I took pictures before I drove him up to the community center. That's one thing that kind of threw me for a loop - the location. Who else would think to have a high school dance across the street from the local prison? Ah, only in Louisiana....

So that's my latest news. Tonight I plan to do the laptop dance and check out all the spiffy features. I have no idea what kind of word processing system I have on this thing, so I better give it a thorough check over. Hopefully I have something to write with. We will see....

At any rate, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats on the new computer, may you two be very happy together. :)
    Srsly, though, have you thought about using openoffice? It's very similar to the 2003 Office Suite, and even lets you save your documents as word xp/2003 docs. That's what I'm using, and so far very few problems.
    Sorry your sinuses are giving you problems, have you ever tried a netti pot? It looks like a small tea kettle- you fill it with warm salt water (they give you packets to put in the water), pour it in one nostril and it drains out the other. It cleans out your sinuses.
    I hope Mini is feeling better.

  2. Thanks, Ann! And btw, you are brilliant! I went over to check out OpenOffice, and may just give it a shot. It looks promising. Honestly, I'd heard of it, but never paid that much attention. I didn't realize what all it offered.

    Yes, a neti pot! I've been using a syringe irrigation thingy, but a neti pot is on my list. I think I'm gonna have to have antibiotics to clear this up since it's affecting my ears - we will see. :S

    Happy weekend!


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