Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fifteen Minutes Til Midnight

It has been a long, long, loooong day. I have a full-on case of Sinitus, complete with sore throat and achy teeth - weird but true! Since I'm too darn stubborn to go to the doctor, it's partly my own fault I've got a killer headache, but then again.... :P

I had plans to pick up my mom at her house Friday morning (I'll say Friday since it's almost midnight so I know this post will probably read Saturday once it goes up). It was going to be a mommy/daughter/Mini day since I had to drive the rounds with her so she could pay her bills. She hurt her back getting in and out of her truck, and it's painful for her to walk. Well, Friday morning she called to say she'd pulled her back again - doing what, I have no idea, but someone needs to duct tape her to the recliner until she goes to her doctor visit on Monday!! Anyway, I ended up going the rounds for her. I took Mini over to her house, gathered all her bills, banking, shopping list, etc. and off I went.

Normally this would be no big thing. But I'm sick. My brain isn't functioning at full capacity. By the time I took care of the banking, returned library books, mailed bills, checked the post box, and bought groceries for mom and for my household...well, I was kinda ready to lay down for a nap. Or cry. Or maybe both. But I went on as promised, I drove back into town after groceries, sat in the drive through at BK for 20 minutes to pick up lunch. From there I headed back to mom's, and we all had a late lunch before I bundled Mini up and took him home.

It was around 2pm by the time we made it back to our house. I took two sinus/allergy tabs and put all the groceries away. I'd planned to sit down and do a bit of writing once I kicked off my shoes, but I tell ya - my brain was numb. Empty.

I sat in the den and watched Pinky Dinky Doo with Mini, and sipped honey tea. And cried. Which only made my sinuses feel ten times worse. :P Mini patted me on the knee and said, "It'll be ok, Mimi." And I told him I was ok, just a bit under the weather - which I don't know why I said that phrase in particular, because it kind a blew his toddler mind. *lol*

By the time I got back to the computer, hubby was coming in. I had a heap of emails, but I didn't get a chance to sort through them all. It'll have to wait until in the morning. I just finished cleaning up a chapter for a piece I'll be sending off on Monday. Hot, hot stuff....

Speaking of writing... I've been asked to recommend more writing books similar to Beginnings, Middles and Ends by Nancy Kress. I want to mention that the Nancy Kress book is part of a series called Elements of Fiction Writing, and all the books are put out by Writer's Digest.

They are the creme de la creme of writing books, in my opinion. I own most of the books in the set. There are books on Setting; Conflict, Action, and Suspence; Voice; Plot, and quite a few others, all by various authors. All thse books are easily searchable on, and usually when you look up one book from the series, it will show you a handful of others if they're available - just remember to check the listings for publication dates to ensure you get one of the latest printings....this is just in case they revised anything from the earlier editions.

Of that series, there is a really good book in particular - another one that appeared on the recommended book list for the Lone Star Conference/Pat Kay workshop - is Scenes and Struture by Jack M. Bickham. This book is invaluable because it focuses on how to build scenes and how to balance your story structure as you move your characters from point A (beginning) to point B (ending). He also covers cause and effect, flashbacks, and how to fix common errors in tough scenes. There is truly more to building a successful scene than we sometimes realize.

Whether you're struggling to get your characters to do what you want them to, or if you're having trouble keeping events from sounding contrived, this is a really good book to study. No stone is left unturned. Mr. Bickham even covers how to "plan and revise scenes for maximum effect". Scenes and Structure is available new and used from This book is on my keeper shelf, and I've found it well worth the $10-$15.00 pricetag.

Wow! I just noticed the clock - and my laptop battery indicator. :P I better go on to bed. (And please forgive my typos - I'm too tired to check back through!)

Night night, everyone - and happy weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to recommend those books for me. I hope you are feeling better. I too suffer from sinus problems. When my gets the best of me I use zyrtec and excedrine sinus headache. If its really bad I'll also drink peppermint tea and put an ice pack on the parts of my face and head that hurt. I've even rubbed peppermint oil into my temples and sniffed it to help relieve the pain. Well, I hope this will help.

  2. Hi,

    I'm sorry to read that you're feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care!

  3. Ice pack on the forehead helps but usually when I have a sinus infection I also have a fever and chills. Feel better! And your mom, too!

  4. Pop the Vitamin C and use a little Vic's menthol under the nose. Echinacea tea helps as well, so long as you don't have an auto-immune disease like sarcoidosis or lupus.

    Also Elderberry tea and witchwood wine. Yum!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. Thanks, Sarah. I haven't tried peppermint oil, but I have some in the cupboard. I'm going to have to try it.

  6. Thanks, Peggy. :*)

  7. Hi Melisse, and thanks! It's great to hear from you. :)

  8. Hey, moonsis, I have the vics and the vitamin C. *thumbs up* But I'm allergic as heck to echinacea.

    I'm gonna have to look up witchwood wine....


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