Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Book haul! I just picked up a copy of a Touch the Night by Susan Spencer Pual, and Fatal Attraction, by Alicia Fields. However...this weekend I've promised friends to sit down and read Twilight. I plan to do it, too!

Hubby is home today, and not feeling tip top. Yesterday was his last day on that particular job. Thankfully! He's been hating that place for weeks now, and there hasn't been an end in sight. Then yesterday around noon two job offers arrived while he was at work - one of them too good to refuse.

Soooo...hubby will be off for the next two weeks, then he'll be off to supervise the building of a compressor station in Texas.

He'll be in an area he's worked before, and he feels comfortable with, so there's a plus. I'll be home with the kiddies, so while the hubster is home, I plan to take advantage of the help time and get the last of my projects wrapped up and sent. This way I won't feel strained to accomplished something while he's away. I can work at a slower pace.

Today's pic.... OMG. The kitty-thing reminds me of that one school yearbook shot where you're sorta smiling but not quite, and it looks a little bit like a grimace of pain? You look at it and go, "Oh, damn. Immortalized forever!" And all your friends try to assure you: "No, really, it's not that bad." *giggle, giggle*

Yeah, right....

Happy Friday, everyone!


(from email, for those who may be interested)
BESTSELLING AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS SIGN WITH RAVENOUS ROMANCE™ Digital publisher signs bestselling and award-winning cross-genre authors and their protégés to new venture

Contact: Dalyn A. Miller
Dalyn Miller Public Relations

[Boston, MA, November 19, 2008] –Ravenous Romance™, slated to launch December 1, 2008 online at , has signed several best-selling and award-winning authors to their roster, many of whom have crossed genres and will appear on the company’s launch list in early December. New York Times best-selling author John Skipp has penned a novel called Opposite Sex for the company under the pseudonym Gina McQueen, and recently quipped: “Sometimes you just get tired of killing people, you know? I just wanted to write something sweet and funny and sexy and wild, where nobody gets hurt, and the worst thing that happens is your characters are probably going to have to stop kissing eventually!”

John Updike’s protégée Catherine Hiller’s novel Cybill in Between will publish in early December. Updike has provided a quote for the book cover that calls Hiller’s writing “brave and joyful.” Mimi Leahy, an Emmy-nominated writer for “All My Children” and “As the World Turns”, will write several books and short stories for the imprint.

Award-winning author Rachel Kramer Bussel, already well known in the erotica community, has signed on to edit several anthologies for Ravenous Romance, as has Cecilia Tan, who is also writing a novel for the company. A prolific and widely recognizable multi-award winning horror author who prefers not to be revealed has signed on to write several books under the pen name Morgan James. “I’ve always wanted to write about matters of the heart and desire,” said James. “I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to do so.”

President Holly Schmidt and Editorial Director Lori Perkins bring years of experience in both non-fiction and fiction publishing to the venture, and have tapped accomplished writers in the sci-fi, mystery, horror, and non-fiction communities, as well as in the romance and erotica communities. “We’ve found that a number of our most versatile and talented writers from other genres have either always written erotic romance, or have always wanted to,” says Schmidt. “For example, I’ve published a number of Skye Alexander’s non-fiction books over the years.
As it turns out, she wrote a romantic suspense novel a few years ago that won a Romance Writers of America award. Now she’s writing for us.”

Ravenous Romance is publishing both previously published authors and talented new voices, and is buying both agented and unagented work.

When asked why he agreed to sign with a digital publisher instead of a traditional print publisher for his next book Skipp/McQueen said: “It's a great experiment, at the new frontier of 21st century publishing. I'm in!”

Visit Ravenous Romance™ online at .
For more information please contact Dalyn A. Miller at 617-504-6869 or via email at About Literary Partners Group, Inc. and Ravenous Romance™

Literary Partners Group, Inc. is a partnership among three creative industry executives. Holly Schmidt is a publishing executive with 15 years of experience in editorial, marketing, and sales. She joined forces with award-winning photographer Allan Penn to launch book packager Hollan Publishing, Inc. in 2006.

Lori Perkins is a New York City literary agent with over 20 years of experience and an impressive stable of authors.Ravenous Romance™, an imprint of Literary Partners Group, Inc., will offer erotic romance – stories with strong plots and character development, but with steamy sex scenes and explicit descriptions of sexual encounters. Beginning December 1, 2008 they will publish daily novel-length erotic romance books which they will sell in both ebook and MP3 format. Short stories will be available to readers for $.99 while full-length ebooks will sell for $4.99. All full-length titles will also be available in audiobook format and are priced at $12.99 directly through the company’s web portal .


  1. I nominated you for a blogging award over on my blog.
    Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Yes, now to further the cat's embarrassment someone should PhotoShop a ruffly, blue tuxedo into the shot circa 1975.

    That'll do it.



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