Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eyeing the Straitjacket

Rain, rain, rain... I took both boys to the store with me to pick up necessary stuff: paper goods, milk, bread, and dog food. We ended up buying a few DVDs as well - Hellboy 2, which just came out. Hubby and I went to see that one at the theater and thought it was a fun movie. I figured Oldest would like it. I also picked up a copy of Underdog for Minibeast. During that time the bottom fell out and rain was pouring by the time we left the store. I rarely ever carry an umbrella, of course. I covered Mini's head with his jacket on the way out, and we braved the weather to get to the Jeep.

I managed to get part of a scene cleaned up yesterday, but that's about it. Still two chapters to go, and it looks like no one is going to cut me any slack. Yesterday hubby was home and it ended up too much of a chore to try and write and keep Mini quiet. Today Oldest is home and the boys love to irritate each other. Too, now that we're home, Mini says he isn't feeling well. His tummy hurts. ~_~' I gave him a tsp of MoM for his tummy, and I'm hoping that will do the trick because tomorrow I have to take mom to the doctor - which as it turns out, isn't located in town as I'd first thought.

I also wasn't aware mom's dr visit would take about 2 hours to complete - it's nearly impossible to keep Mini occupied for that long. Needless to say, I am NOT looking forward to that trip, but I'll just have to manage it. If Mini is too sick, hubby may have to stay home with him, or give my mom a lift. Oy, vey. I may need a straitjacket by the time I'm back home, but heck, what else is new?

Back to the manuscript.... The first scene in the third chapter needs rewriting, and I've been trying to look at how to jazzy it up. My characters have plenty of conflict and chemistry in the latter half of that chapter, but they don't seem to want to make that initial romantic connection that sets it off. I'm guessing that scene is missing an inciting incident, so tonight after Mini is in bed, I'm thinking it's time to break out the thumb screws plot cards.

I bought an OOP horror novel off of Amazon about a week and a half ago, (Wilding by Melanie Tem), and it arrived yesterday. Woot! I was excited to see it in the mail box. Really fast shipping, the packaging looked great. Well, I opened the package and OMG.

You know something? It takes a lot to gross me out. Really. It's nothing to find a molded 2 month old cookie with God knows what stuck on it between the seats in my Jeep. Eh, whatever - toss it over shoulder. Rubberized gum drop with dust bunnies stuck all over it under the couch? Flick it into the garbage. No bigs. With kids and pets, you pretty much face it all: yuck and bathroom fodder. Diapers. Litter box duty. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Weak stomachs need not apply.

Well, I opened this package; this book.... I cannot say how disgusted I was by the condition. I've never received anything like this in all the years I've been buying used books online. The seller I bought it from described it as being in "good condition". My ass. First of all, the book had a strange smell right out that pack. Acidy. Not like cigarette smoke, which I don't like, but can stand it if I have to. However, when I flipped the book over to the back blurb I noticed there is this hard, smudgy "stuff" on the back cover. Ewww.... I took it to the bathroom to try and scrub the cover with a baby wipe, and that's when I noticed there's a boa's worth of fine white cat hairs sticking out of the top of the book. *_*

Ok. I scrubbed the book down and figured I could make due with it if only I remember to wash my hands, you know? Looking at the book, I'm not likely to forget. I look the book over and consider tearing off the back cover, and making a it a quick read. That's when I opened the book to check the inside to see if the binding would hold if I did tear the back cover off, and there are chew marks on the bottom edge of about the thirty first 30 pages. Cat bites, I guess. I hope.

I'm going out on a limb here and guessing the weird acidy smell is cat pee. And the crud on the back cover.... well, I'm sure we can all guess. A true horror novel indeed, and I'm really shocked someone picked this book up off their bedroom shelf and thought it was in a condition to actually be SOLD. It's too freaking disgusting to be read. *sob* I hated to do it, oh man, it nearly killed me, but I tossed the book out. I'd send it back to the sellers, but then I'd be out even more money to do it, and I imagine they'd just try and resell the book to someone else. So effing gross.... and I can't seem to stop rubbing Germ-X on my hands since I tossed it out.

At any rate, I went ahead and ordered another copy of Wilding off ebay. I've got my fingers crossed the next one will be in readable shape.

That's it for me today. Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Are you freaking kidding me? That's disgusting. I'm icked out just thinking about it.

  2. Okay, I think now I wanna wash MY hands. *shudders*

    I know what you mean about fighting for writing time. I have both of mine home today. Teenagers have their own set of issues. KG has rock-n-roll going, while Kat lies on the sofa all day, flipping from animal drama to neener nanny shows, and complaining about death by boredom.

    There's days the hubby's gun safe looks very tempting...

  3. Ick. I can't stand icky, smelly books. ((hugs))

    Although, the worst I ever received was, funnily enough, a book by Zane. (No relation to you.)

    It was ickied up soo bad, I almost hurled.

    Note to self: Never buy a used, erotic novel sight unseen. Ugh.


  4. Isabelle, I wish I were. That book was nasty! :(

  5. AE, LOL! And ditto on the compulsive handwashing. :S

  6. Cass, OMG. That soooo tops getting a book with cat yuck on it. People yuck is like 100% worse! *_*

    *scrub, scrub* I need more Germ X.

  7. EEEWWW!

    I hope you have a means to leave a review on that seller about the condition of the book. It's probably not the only one they're going to try to palm off on someone.

    Ugh, I'd be reaching for the Germ-X, bleach, anything that would burn off that first layer of skin. *shuddering*


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