Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Day with Mr. Blond

Does anyone else remember Mr. Blond? No, not Oldest, but the guy from Reservoir Dogs? All the heist guys took color names like Mr. Red, Mr. Black - but when it came to yellow they said it was too cowardly sounding so they called the "yellow" guy Mr. Blond instead? Good movie, but I digress.... :P

Last night I gave Oldest new hair - a bleach out and cut. It's tapered all over except his fringe/bangs. The color turned out a nice baby blonde (the color of his fringe shows the results best - the lighting in the house is just terrible!),

We still haven't put the M/P Virgin Snow on it; there hasn't been time to do that yet, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow after school. I'm going to do a touch-up bleach job on it next Saturday, he wants to see if we can take the color down another shade. It's his wishes, and since hair seems in pretty good shape, I'll give it a go. I'll post more pictures of Oldest's hair trauma as the bleach sessions commense.

Today Oldest and I had a mommy-son day, and I took him to see Twilight. We drove to Ruston and made it in time for the first showing. We arrived at 11:45 a.m. , and the movie started at 11:50. How's that for timing! The movie was very good - tres romantic! The acting was a little stiff, Oldest noticed that as well, but then the characters are young, so all is forgiven. The Twilight movie doesn't progress along the same way as the book, but I think the screenwriters/directors got as close to the original as they could. Sometimes book things don't translate over to film well, but they did this one nicely. They made the story more involved around James' vampire tribe that comes to Forks; and the movie isn't strictly from Bella's viewpoint. Oldest and I loved it, and it was well worth the cost of going to the theater to see it. I hope it will convince Oldest to actually :P He can be a knothead about that sort of thing. We will see....

After the movie, we drove over to F.Y.E. and I discovered they don't have a single copy of Disturbing Behavior. Boo, hiss! They don't have it anywhere around town either, so it looks like that's one I'll have to scrounge up off Amazon. Oldest, on the otherhand, discovered two GIRLS at F.Y.E., and I had to wait while the three of them all exchanged email addresses.

We did a bit of shopping at Beehive after that, then I jaunted on down to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought black and pink hair extensions for myself, as well as a gorgeous bottle of red nail polish called Ruby Slippers. Oh! I bought a royal purple color too, it's called Coconut Kisses, although I have no idea what purple has to do with coconuts. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that.

After all the shopping rounds were done, Oldest and I left Ruston. We made it back to The Village (aka home town) around 3:50 and stopped by the Chinese buffet before picking up a gallon of milk for Mini beast.

A fantastic day to be sure, but I am soooo soooooo tired right now. Tomorrow Oldest is back to school until Xmas holidays rolls around, and Hubby will be calling into the main office to get his assignment for this compressor station he's going to be trekking across the swamps to go work on. I guess for Mini and Me, between writing jags, we'll bake a cake and find a comfy spot on the couch to take in some Dora and Diego. Sounds good to me. ;)

Happy weekend!


  1. I loved the movie too! Very romantic and it captured the essence of the book very well, better than I thought it would be able to, seeing how 'in her head' Twilight is. But I liked RobPattz take on Edward and the humans were all so much fun to watch. I wish there'd been more of the Cullens, but that's ok. Maybe the next movie. ;)

    Oldest's hair looks stellar. You got it SO BLONDE! I imagine it will be WHITE when you're all done. Man, I want to do something to my hair so badly. ha ha.

  2. I wish my oldest would allow me to play with color in his hair! He's got great hair for a guy, and he'd be sooo handsome with some blond in it, or coppery highlights.

    The movie. *sigh* Still waiting to go see it again. And I put the books on my Christmas list. Yep. I'm hooked now.

  3. Issi, I thought RPattz made a *perfect* Edward, too. I read somewhere recently that Stephenie Meyer actually pictured "Humphrey" from the movie Stardust to be Edward. *_*

    Glad you like Oldest's hair. It turned out really nice. I'll going to give it another bleaching this weekend to take the gold tones down again. The toner worked very well on the front. His fringe is almost white now. We'll see what happens.

    BTW, if you color your hair, you better post pics, 'cause I wanna see! ^_^

  4. AE, you must see the movie! Take the kiddies, it's fairly tame comparedtoa lot of stuff out there now.

    I still haven't read all the books, only the 1. I need to hit the bookstore. :P

    My friend in Oz is totally obsessed with the series, and I gotta catch up with her so we can chat about it! ^_^


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