Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book Smackdown

It's a late day post - sorry about that! I still have the entire family home with me during the days - hubby, oldest, and of course, Mini - so I rarely get five minutes to myself. But I'm sure I'll be thankful for all this family time next week, because hubby will be working out of town for several months after Thanksgiving. He'll get to come home some weekends and for Xmas, but that's still a long time between here and there.

Tomorrow I'm taking Oldest to spend the night with my mom, and then I'll be sorting Mini's toys to give some away, haul some out the shed, and trash the others. He has way, way too many, and we are planning to swap bedrooms. Or rather, we're swapping his bedroom and my office. So by the weekend, I'll be sharing the haunted bedroom (as an office) with the house ghosts. And they should beware. Seriously. I'm not above dust bustering them. Or saging the room. *shakes fist at potentially angry ceiling weasles*

So, I've dragged in a few more books from my TBR stack. I really need to either read some of these books, donate them, or something.... I always buy more than I can ever read in a lifetime. It's an illness, I swear. ~_~'

Currently on the reading menu is Red, by Jack Ketchum. I've started reading this book several times since I bought it last year, but the theme itself, as well as what feels like an exponentially long build up leading into the main action makes me put it down every time. I'm bound and determined to finish this damn thing this go around, though. No rest for the weary. This book is going down tonight.

While thumbing through it earlier, I realized the book isn't as long as I'd thought. Red is only 211 pages long. At the back of the book - the back 4th of it, actually - there is a novella called The Passenger. No reason I should leave it to linger. Know what I mean?

First things first though... I must get this one section of wip squared away. I plan to print it up for a thorough red penning session. Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. ^_~


  1. Best of luck on achieving red pen status! I'm bound and determined to finish the warlock wip by New Years, and get my pink pen out. ~_^*

    I'm afraid if I cleaned our youngest's room, I'd be sucked into the swirling vortex of doom. Gods know, it's scary in there. I swear I saw a horror film crew setting up in the corner this morning.

    Speaking of TBR piles, I'm going to reward myself with a Twilight binge once I'm done with that book.

  2. You can always do a book giveaway! Or a book exchange! Those are tons of fun.

    And I'm excited about your WIP being in red pen mode. Almost done? :) *squee*! Go, Cora, Go!


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