Friday, October 10, 2008

We can dance, we can dance...


I got a confirmation email today that Pinkie laptop has arrived at Dell. Woot! At least someone postal knows what they're doing. I can't say the same for Mail Person X - one of the stand-in delivery people for our route. He has done it yet again - screwed up the mail all along this street. I have NO idea where our mail is, but we have the Bad-Neighbor's bundle. Tomorrow hubby will have to drive it down the street and see if they have ours. *sigh* I just hope no credit card offers or bills with our name on it arrive to those folks. This is seriously not the day and age for a postal worker to delivery mail to the wrong place. Hello? Identity theft?

On another note, I'm one chapter closer to having my freebie cleaned up for release. I'm sending chapter two to my crit partner tonight, and I'll be red penning the final chapter wherein lies all the big sexy. As soon as it's ready, it will be sent out to be glammed up (cover added), and pdf'ed and lit'ed. It won't be much longer now, I promise.

The homefront has been quiet today. Hubby got off work a bit early, and first order of business - cash the paycheck. He made it to the bank before closing, which is good news. The bad news is that he checked on the status of our new order of checks and found out they hadn't been ordered. Sheesh. I will be so relieved when Mercury goes direct.

Tomorrow between bouts of writing and rabid laundry folding, the fam and I are making a dash to Fun-roe. I MUST hit the bookstore. I don't have a copy of Dark Curse yet, and that is just...well, damn. That's gotta be fixed! There was another book I had on my hot list as well, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. I had a list by the computer, but it's gotten so cluttered up here since I began editing, it's a miracle I can find the comp itself.

Wah. I just noticed it's getting to be the nap-nap hour. I best get the Snickopea (Mini beast) into the bathroom so he can brush his teeth for bed. Gotta monitor him before he finds the step-stool. Silly beast licked the top of a Icy Hot tube earlier today thinking it was toothpaste. *forehead smack* But that's a story for another day....

Happy Friday, everyone! ^_~


  1. Congrats about getting rid of Pinkie. Sorry about the mail mix up, is this a regular occurance? Could you get a P.O. box? That would keep your mail secure.
    My plans for the weekend have been changed, somebody stole my purse from work, so I'll be sticking close to home (can't go to the bank until Tuesday- cancelled the cards already though).
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Egads - sorry to hear about your purse, Ann! I don't think I could handle something like that right now. The men in white coats would have to come take me away.

    Hopefully on Monday I can strighten out the thing with the mail. I plan to go to file a complaint, and write the numbers on the front of the mailbox in REALLY big letters. I'm at a loss for what else to do. I only hope someone hasn't ended up with one of our credit card bills or something... :*(


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