Thursday, October 30, 2008

Randomness in Action

See the belly? I'm already plotting my New Years resolution for 2009. My goal next year will be to get my sexy pre-kids belly back. And when I do, darn it, I'm getting my belly pierced! I can't quite figure out when I came to this grand decision, but it's been on my mind since at least August. My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but I'm absolutely serious. (Abs - olutely?) *_* Must stop before I hurt myself....

So, anyway, I ditched AOL yesterday. This all started when they decided to get rid of AOL Journals and the homepages. My very first blog was on AOL, and chronicled the last year of my 20s. I happened to get pregnant with Mini that year, so the entire blog became a pregnancy journal, and after that, a blog of Mini's milestones. So, I panicked when they decided to ditch that.

I went through a mad scramble to transfer those entries so they wouldn't be lost. After two days of hair pulling, I managed to get them tranferred to Blogger (a different blog than this one), and I thought - whew! All done.

Wrong answer. I got an email Tuesday stating that AOL pictures is also going the way of the dinosaur as well. I thought, Cripes, what the heck am I paying $30.00 a month for if AOL doesn't have groups, doesn't have photo storage, doesn't have blogs, and no web builders? What DO they have? The answer is nothing. Nothing but an enormous monthly rate that I am no longer willing to pay. Now that I have wireless net, I can't even use my old AOL bookmarks - so the only thing I have is their free service email.

I gave in yesterday and called them about disconnecting my eBillit service, which allows AOL to charge their fee to my phone bill. Now, I've been with AOL for 6 years. The lady on the phone said, "Wow, you've been with us a long time. Listen, I can cut your fee to $11.00 a month if you'll say with AOL. That way you can keep AOL dialup as a backup service, and you can still use our virus protection and spyware stopper."

Um. Just for the record, I have NEVER used their spyware stopper or their anti-virus. On top of this, after 6 years of paying $30.00 a month for net service, having them suddenly drop this to eleven dollars PISSES ME OFF. It tells me that they KNOW their service is overpriced. But wait! It gets even better!

I tell the lady I've never used their services for computer protection, and I just want to have everything taken down to the free level - the only thing I want is to keep my free email addresses, because I've been using them for so long.

She tries to tempt me even further by saying she can give us net service for $4.99 a month - but it won't have backup dial up.

"No offense," I tell this lady. "But maybe if I hadn't been paying over 4xs the cost of standard service - which I now realize I've been doing for YEARS - I would consider keeping AOL. However, I have no need for a service that is nothing more than a gateway to the internet. I have that already. It's called AT&T. Please just disconnect my paid for service."

She finally did it, and I'm still in shock over the amount of money I've paid AOL over the years: 30.00 x 72 months = 2,160.00 for internet service with NO FEATURES.
Jeez, Louise!

On a lighter note...I had to make a run to the post office and Wally World today. We were out of milk, amonng other things, and I always dread going to WW because Mini wants something special every time we go.

Since it's so close to Halloween, WW has this big display of Halloween cakes and cookies near the front door. Mini sees the cakes - which are done up like silly faces - and he goes NUTS. Everytime he sees them, he asks for a cake. Well, I check the price and they must be kidding - 11.00 for single layer cake with eyes on it. *_* I asked Mini if instead he would like me to make him a special Halloween cake.

He responded with ear-splitting glee.

So tonight I shall don the oven mits and bake a fancy Halloween cake. I bought these little bat candy stick-ons, and food coloring. I'm going for toxic glow green frosting. Muahahahaha! It's gonna be a mess, but I supposed it's ok since kids are surface washable. Meh. Whatever comes of it, I promise to take pics of the cake.

That's it for me today. Oldest will be home soon and I need to go scrub Mini's chalk art off the living room carpet. *sigh* I hope you're all having a snazzy Thursday!


  1. Take pictures of the cake! I'd love to check out that frosting. :)

    And can I just say, my soul died a little inside when I saw that flat tummy. lol

  2. Best of luck with the flat tummy revival! If I *ever* lose enough weight I want to get a faery tattoo on the front of my hip, on the edge of the pelvic hubby play zone :)

  3. Aw, Isabelle, you strictly forbidden to have tummy guilt. Little Peanut needs room to grow!! *tummy rubs for good luck* ^_^ Just for the record - I think baby bellies are just beautiful. Really, I do.

    The last peanut I baked has been out for 3 years now - I really have no excuse not to work on the the spare tire I've grown. :S Too much time spent in the computer chair - it's painfully evident. I plan to ask Santa for a treadmill this year.

  4. Ooh! Fairy tattoo! Sounds tres chic, AE.... *eyebrow wiggle*

    I happen to have a faerie tattoo above my right ankle - it's not very dainty though. Too big for any play zones. Hehe! It's still tempting to look at tattoos and daydream, but I've sworn off any more of my own. I have one on my shoulder that is less than what I hoped - I want it removed. ^_^

    I haven't yet learned any piercing lessons yet, though. And, oh, but I do covet that sparkly, dangly, starry belly ring....


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