Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Headaches - UPDATED

So over the weekend, I sent in a complaint to the State Attorney General's office concerning all the mess I've been through with Dell. I still have Pinkie laptop on my dining table, in the box, and I've had 5 different people promise to either send someone to pick it up, or to send me a label to return it - no dice. I'm supposed to hear from someone this afternoon, and at which point I'll know where to go next. Once this last ditch effort is complete, if I still have the computer, I'll be going in to have a face to face with the lawyer. Really, it's ridiculous I should have to go through this. They'd be saving themselves and me a lot of time and money if they'd just send me the return label already and get the shit over with.

On top of that, I've had other Mercury retrograde fun-ness going on. I sat this morning at my desk and cried over all the shit that has fallen into my lap over the past month. I honestly can't keep this up. Days like this I wonder if the stress is really worth the writing. *shakes head* With so much heaped on me, it's very hard to concentrate enough to write when everything is falling apart around you.

Today has turned into another day of waiting, waiting, waiting with no end in sight.


Tomorrow I'm driving to Ruston to mail off Pinkie! *dies* I called Dell Sunday and talked to a guy named Hector. Once again, the computers showed that I did not have a return set up, so he supposedly put me in for the return email, and told me to wait 24 hours for it to arrive in my inbox. We did a test email to make sure I am receiving email from Dell - which I knew I was since they did send me an initial email confirming my order back in August, and then they emailed me in September to tell me my order was being delayed.

Anyway, I could never understand why I have to "wait" for an email. And now I know that there is no excuse for it. That is Dell's way of giving you the run around. Same thing with when they tranfer you. How do I know?

I tried to email Hector, and waited. Of course, I got no reply. That didn't suprise me. So, late this afternoon I called Dell and got regular tech support. I talked to a man named Ronish (roe neesh), who asked me all the usual questions: order number, name, and what's the problem.

I told him I was looking for someone in the resolutions department named Hector *lastnamewithheld*. And then I told him the very much chopped down story of what I've been through since September. The same story I've repeated close to twenty times to other tech support people. I then waited - as seems to be common custom - to be tranferred. Well, Ronish didn't transfer me. He looked up my stuff with me on the line with him. And I also mentioned Hector's name and explained he didn't give me an extention, but I was trying to reach him because we were supposed to have an email arrangment to get a return label.

He couldn't give me Hector's extension, however, he did a look up and he told me he saw that I'd indeed talked to Hector. He goes on checking with what Hector and I went over, then he says: "Well, I see the problem. Your return is activated, but no one has sent the email. I will take care of that for you right away."

*_* Really? I couldn't believe it. Honestly, I couldn't. I told him okay, thinking I'm going to have to go through all this again tomorrow. And I got off the phone feeling pretty defeated. He hadn't tranferred me, put me on hold, and the whole call lasted long enough for me to walk from the master bedroom to Mini's room and it was over. I put the phone in the cradle and at this point I'm trying NOT to cry. Mini comes romping in asked for Noggin, so I go into the living room and turn on Go, Diego, Go.

While reaching for the remote to turn up the volume, I hear the chime go off for my email. I kinda stopped and listened - I guess waiting to hear it happen again. I have no idea. I was hopeful, but positive it couldn't be from Hector, Dell, or Ronish.

I go into the dining room and nearly fainted. IT WAS THE SHIPPING LABEL!!!! *faint*

Ronish, man, you are one dashing hero of a tech support guy. Ladies, if Ronish is single, you better snap him up fast. He's got keyboard, phone and people skills, AND he knows how to satisfy a woman in UNDER FIVE MINUTES. Catch of the day, ladies, I'm telling you!

I'm only now coming down off a month long stress bender. I can't even describe it. I've had nightmares of being chased by flesh eating zombies (wait, are there any other kind?), of trying to walk through waist deep sand, and other remarkably insane brain rebellion dreams.

Maybe now I can actually get back to writing...


  1. I'm glad things are looking up for you, I hope they stop giving you the run around. I'm off to go get a router after work today. Wish me luck. :)

  2. Good luck, Ann!

    BTW, Pinkie is gone, gone, gone! *celebration*


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