Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Mini woke me up at 7 am and said, "Let's bake the cake, Mimi!". Yesterday I bought everything needed to make him a special Halloween cake - one that wouldn't cost me 11 dollars for one of those dinky, itty bitty, single later cakes from Wally World he's been going nuts over.

Well, I didn't expect to be called to duty so early. I rolled over and looked at the clock and I tell ya, baking was the last thing on my mind. I promised him we would fire up the oven at 9, or at least after I'd had two cups of coffee. Whichever came first.

I think Mini had fun baking. He wanted to DUMP food coloring in, so I had to reign in the mad kitchen science before it got out of control. The actual cake turned out the perfect shade of pumpkin orange, but we didn't quite reach that glowy, toxic green color I hoped for the frosting. We came pretty close, though. After that, of course, we added the requisite spiders and bats and spell dust (green sugar crystals). Mini had to have a bat, so as soon as we were finished I took pictures before the first instance of carnage happened. Oldest will probably knock a huge dent in this thing once he gets in from school.

Tonight I'm taking Mini a few places to trick or treat, and I imagine once we're back home we'll watch something like Monster House or the Nightmare Before Xmas - at least until Mini goes to bed. I have a few horror movies sitting on the DVD shelf still in shrink wrap. For shame....

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Happy Halloween, Peggy! =^_^=

  2. "I have a few horror movies sitting on the DVD shelf still in shrink wrap."

    Oh, so then you're just gonna go ahead and watch re-runs of the Presidential debates?


    Happy Halloween!

    ...i like cake.


  3. Egads, Jenji, that's not horror! George A. Romero is horror. Presidential debates - that equates to Hell-0n-Earth, apocalyptic labotamy doomfest. Not for me, really. I'll let someone else drink the purple kool-aide. *_*

    Great to hear from you, btw. And Happy Halloween!

  4. Aww, you're such a good mommy letting Mini help like that. And you guys did an excellent job on the cake. It may not be glow in the dark neon green, but it's green enough to be a little freaky.


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