Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good Riddance, Pinkie!

Today I got up, stuck the return label on top of Pinkie's box and hauled her away forever and ever. After everything I've been through since early September, it seems an almost anti-climatic ending. I took her to the UPS Store, walked right up to the clerk - there wasn't even a line - and handed her across the counter. The clerk looked at the label, and said, "Looks good. Do you want a receipt with the tracking number?"


Actually I said something more along the lines of : "Yes, sir, that would be great." And he printed up the ticket, underlined the tracking number, and handed it over to me. I left feeling like I'd slayed a might dragon. I climbed into the Jeep and right away called hubby and left him a voicemail, something along the lines of: I feel like doing the Cajun two-step right out here in the freaking parking lot. In the rain, and everything.

And thusly ends the life and times of one Pinkie laptop - or so I hope! It's now a matter of being actually credited the refund...but that's a chapter for another day.

I also got word they FOUND my conference registration stuff, so that's cleared up as well. I tell ya, the only way this day could get any better is if I get a call from Harlequin. At which point, I may break out the champagne and else-wise run amok.

I'm definitely going to sleep like a rock tonight.

There is just one small order of business to finish up - the freebie. I haven't been able to write effectively in days. Seriously, when I walked out of the UPS store, I felt like a curse had been lifted - I feel like I can write now.

I put in a new ink cartridge this morning to print the UPS label, and now it's time to reprint the New and Improved! version of the freebie wip. That will be my project for today/tonight. Clean up. Gotta get this thing out the door this week!

That's it for me. Hope you're all having a snazzy Tuesday! ~_^


  1. Goodbye Pinkie! Thank goodness!!!!!

    Celebrate, Cora. She's gone! :)

  2. Fare thee well, Pinkie.

  3. Goodbye, Pinkie! Goodbye, Dell! Not a moment too soon, I tell ya.

  4. Congrats on getting rid of Pinkie finally - although it's a rather bittersweet victory, isn't it?

    And sweet dreams tonight. You've earned them.


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