Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Musings

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Yesterday my parents came over and replaced a the stacked shipboards on the side of the house where it looked like we had termites gnawing at them. We couldn't afford a contractor, but my dad is a veteran construction worker and handy with a saw. Luckily, in this area you don't need a permit or inspector for home improvements. So dad and mom came over to bail us out before the cold weather sets in.

They did a fantastic job, everything is fixed right up and it doesn't look one bit like a patch job. In truth, the back section of the house looks better now than when we first bought the place. Dad said that given the way the house is made, there really isn't much to rebuild the outside if we wanted to. The lower half of the house is brick, but when he pulled the boards off the front to replace them, the brick proved to be facade rather than actual "brick house". Kinda surprised me, but knowing the previous/original owners, mmm....well, not really.

Now I just need to paint the new additions and go around the house to make sure we've found all the pulled nails lying on the ground. Tomorrow I'm taking them the money to cover their time and labor (we gave them money upfront to cover all the materials so it wouldn't come out of pocket for them). I will say this much: it pays to have someone in the family do it. Really it does. It would have cost us about 3x as much if we'd gone with a contractor. Next month, when we're back from conference and settled in again. I'm calling Terminex out to spray around the house. And to keep the back from getting in sad shape again, we're going to ask around to find out what it would cost us to have a patio poured out back.

Last night I totally stripped the first chapter off my freebie wip and rewrote it. I tend to start books with what I think is this "great idea", but when I get down the road a few chapters - usually around chapter 3 - I realize how clumped up and complicated the beginning is. This time was no exception. I need to put a sign over my desk to remind myself: simplify, simplify, simplify.

I'm reprinting everything today, and I do hope my print cartridge lasts, since I have all of $8.00 in my purse right now! When I did the first print up, I reordered a bunch of the scenes because I'd scrapped 2 extraneous characters - yikes! (Extraneous characters - who knew there was such a thing? *_*) If nothing else, it's one step closer to being lean and mean.

Now for the requisite Dell Update: Pinkie laptop is still here, on my dining table, waiting for UPS to arrive to take her back. I have called tech support so many times, just the thought of having to call them again fills me with dread. If they don't come and pick up my computer by Saturday, I think I'm going to seek a lawyer for legal advice. There really is no reason Dell should be making me jump through hoops over something so simple as a return.

On to brighter thoughts - It's Friday!!! *dance, dance* I hope you all have a good one!


  1. A patio sounds lovely. :) Good thing your dad did construction. I know those prices are off the wall.

    And great job with the freebie! Sometimes we have to just get the story out before we can fix it.


    Keep me informed on the Dell Mania.

  2. OMG! They still haven't sent anyone out for the computer? I am so glad I'm a Macintosh user!


  3. Dude, that totally sucks. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with them. I got my laptop on Wed. and so far things are going great, haven't figured out how to get internet at home, but any place with free internet is great. Hope they get on the ball and pick up pinkie.
    Have a great weekend.

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