Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Daily Desk Chair Dash

At some point everyday, there is a great desk chair dash to see who gets in it first - me, or Mini. Of course, since I spend more time IN the chair than Mini, he always wins. I'm, well, slow in a mom-can't-run-for-jack kind of way.

Then again.... Mini, poor Mini. You don't yet realize mass always wins. And ticklebugs. *wiggles fingers* Ticklebugs always win too. The chair

I'd just taken a few pictures when I turned to take the camera over to the computer - of course, Mini chooses that moment to do the chair dash. I never have a clue when the race is about to begin. Most of the time, I just turn and the race is on. Well, he beat me yet again, but this time I had the camera. So I captured the chair thief in action. That pose is what you call the "backward flop into chair seat" quick shot. It bests me everytime. See that knee? That is to keep Mimi's from sitting on him in the quick shot process. Smart kid. :P

Today I'm slacking like there's no shame. Mini and I have spun in the desk chair, colored and completed a few mazes, and jammed to some mp3s. I've toyed with a few plot ideas - wrote them in my idea folder - and I've fished through a handful of plotcards, looking over what I have down already for my UF.

This afternoon, I plan to sit down with my laptop in the den and read some of Holly Lisle's Scene workshop. If it's anything like her Create A Plot ebook - which I highly, highly recommend - it's going to be a wealth of information. If you're interested in checking out what books I'm talking about, go here: She has a "holly shop" filled with e-courses for writers. From my experience, they are worth every penny. Even my hubby, who usually pays no attention to my writing habits, noticed a huge leap in my productivity. Nuff said.

That's it for me. I'll have more info about the freebie story this week - I promise! Soon I'll be posting the cover and blurb, and the free download will be added to the Midnight Moon Cafe site during the next update:

Happy hump day!


  1. I bit the bullet and bought that book today. I've been trying to figure out plot lines for my next book and having a devil of a time. So your blog came in handy as a reminder. Thanks, Cora.

    Oh, and LOL about Mini and the chair dash. He sounds (and looks) adorable. Wait until he towers over you and turns the ticklebug back on you, LOL. So enjoy him while you can.

  2. I absolutely LOVE his expression in that photo. Like he KNOWS he won. :) Classic. Very funny.

    You plotted, so I think today was a success. ;) Overall, you're still on Pinkie/freebie burnout. I say one more day of rest won't hurt. Ha ha. Then again, I'm an enabler.

  3. What a cutie! I still have to play this dash with Jessica when I babysit,but is for the recliner,and Grandma isn't very fast,but definitely bigger.

  4. It's a lovely photo. Really cute ;o))

  5. It's a great book, Leah. I keep it on my comp so I can go back and peek through it when I'm stuck. It helps bunches.

    Oy, when Mini towers over me... They grow up so fast. :*) I told him at his birthday party this year he's officially not allowed to get any bigger for several more years. LOL ^_^

  6. Isy, doesn't he look like a little sneak. Hehehe! ^_^

    And bleh. I am truly still on freebie/Pinkie burnout. The plotting was so I wouldn't forget any ideas. But I definitely feel the need to read instead of write for a while. ;)

  7. They are so cute when they do that, Cheryl! Mini used to do the recliner dash, but we've since switched furniture. Now it's just the desk chair. ^_^

  8. Thank you, Peggy! :)


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