Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beware - Blogzone Evilness

Is it really Thursday? *checks calendar* I went to bed before midnight last night, which is relatively early for me. I did a bit of laundry, worked up a 5 page synopsis - outline for a new book, then called it a night. I tell ya; I slept like a rock.

Today Mail Person X screwed up the mail - again. Our neighbors across the street gave us our mail. We still haven't recovered the mail from last week.

On a lighter note, the freebie will be released on Saturday. I'm still planning and arranging with my fellow moonsisters. I will be posting the official blurb tomorrow here at the Intimate Thoughts blog, and at my Cora Zane newletter group at yahoo. There is a link in the sidebar if you'd like to sign up.

So, last night I dropped by Portia Da Costa's blog and she had this cute little quiz thingy up that said she is angelic, and it was so nifty cool and all that, and I wanted to be angelic too!!!

How evil are you?

What?! Me, evil? It's because use AOL and I eat chicken, isn't it? *_* Hubster got Neutral, which surprised me a little. Ok. It surprised me a lot.

Oldest got just "Evil". So, it was determined he must be pure evil in training, taking back after ol' mom. He laughed about that then mentioned I can be pure evil when I get into a lather over something. *steely gaze* He said this while digging in the candy corn, and I told him, "Yeah, well, just remember I'm pure evil when you're coming to ask me for money and we'll get along just fine." :P


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