Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another Call to Tech Support


Pinkie laptop is still here. I called this afternoon to find out why the UPS man hasn't arrived yet, and once again Dell wanted me to talk to a tech support guy. I told the lady straight, the computer is boxed and sitting on my dining table, I have work to do. I've been on the phone will Dell tech support since I opened the box. I WANT THIS COMPUTER GONE. End of story.

They made another arrangement for UPS to come pick up pinkie laptop. It could be Thursday or Friday before he gets here. And oh boy, he better get here, because if I have to make one more call to tech support....

I refuse to think about that. *clears mind* *harmonious thoughts*

I printed up my rough draft for my MMC freebie. I've worked on it a bit today, but I'm feeling a bit under the weather. It's very hard to concentrate with body aches, but at least I feel like I'm doing something by staring at the text. How much I'm accomplishing though remains to be seen. It's my goal to try and clean up and polish one entire chapter, but I think most of that will have to come tonight after Mini is in bed.

That's all for me. Gotta get up and fold socks. Ha! *glam*

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


  1. You have GOT to be kidding me. :-\ This is a tech nightmare. Wow.

    Still not feeling well? :( Sorry, hun. Please get some rest. I know you WANT to work but sometimes it's better to give yourself a break so you can be at your best.

  2. Hey Cora - I've been following your laptop problems - so sorry to hear about them! I got a dell, had a dell desktop - no problems with either. though I did go for a 'no frills, business' laptop. I wanted it tough and didn't care what it looked like. Hearing/following all your problems just really made me all the more glad I did that. I'll be crossing my fingers that UPS guy shows up. :-)

    Hope you get to feeling better too, soon!


  3. This has been a real experience for me, that's for sure. What's bad with the tech support is that everytime I'd call, I had to go through the same thing over and over before I could actually get to someone who could help me. So each call time gets longer and longer... *sigh*

    Cole, my Silver laptop is a Dell too - an Inspirion 1535 model. It's been tough as nails, and hasn't given me any fits, but now the monitor is going out. So, I went with Dell again and got the pink laptop. Oy. Problem ontop of problem. It looks sleek, but there are hardware problems and it's glitchy. Very disappointed.

    I still don't have a new laptop insight yet either. Gotta start looking!

  4. Leah, it's Friday morning and Pinkie is STILL sitting on my dining table in box waiting on UPS. *_*

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