Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Blahs

Re-done to remove colour cast on the trunks

I will be sooo glad when this year is OVER. I came to that conclusion today, while I was driving Mini to my mom's for the day.

Oldest and I set out to paint the house in the blazing heat. We scraped down the house weeks ago, but every time we'd get a free day to do any painting it would rain. Geez Louise! Well, earlier this week Hubby picked up (and picked out) the paint. Once he did that, we were ready to run out and slap some color on at the next hint of sunshine.

We live in a 60's-70's style ranch style house, brick at the bottom, wood at the top. The brick is made up of earthy, orangey-peachy colors so I originally picked out a soft doeskin brown for the outside of the house. We've had it painted that color since we moved in, and really, it did need repainting. However, when hubby went to get more paint, he found out that they no longer carry the code card for mixing that shade.

Well, hubby told me he wanted to go one shade darker, anyway, and after about 2 weeks of looking at the ugly, scraped down house I told myself (and him) I didn't care what he brought home - bubble gum pink, periwinkle, whatever. Just buy the damn paint already. Well, he took a paint chip from the house, and did just as he said he was gonna do, and went a color darker. End result: I hate it!

It's not that much a change really. The color isn't so much darker; rather it has more red for the base tone than yellow, which was the base for the last color. The color card has labeled it "cinnamon", but it doesn't look like any cinnamon I've ever seen. It looks almost like a rosy terracotta. However, the paint mixer was dead on acurate - they mixed it perfectly. You can't tell they did a swab on the sample card unless you turn it toward the light. Perfect mix, yes. I just don't like it on the house!

Oldest and I ended up frying ourselves painting today, and when I stepped back I looked at it and could have cried. I would NOT have chosen this color. I guess I deserve to live with it though, because honestly I just couldn't be bothered to deal with the selection. I'm sure after a while I won't notice anymore, or I'll get used to it and it'll just seem like it's always been that way. But for now... *sigh*

So we got one section of the house painted before I had to go pick up Mini. I came in and had a shower, told Oldest to hit the shower after me, then I got to my moms. I'm sunburnt, and feeling a bit ill from being in the heat too long. I didn't drink enough water, I think. Anyway, the point of all this is that I hate the color and there'll be more of this crap tomorrow. More painting with this cinnamon that isn't really cinnamon! ~_~'

On another note, I managed to get a chunk of the October freebie written today and did a little red-penning on a friend's manuscript. I also took the new Precious (laptop) for a spin and I think I'm getting the hang of Word 2007. However, I say that without having faced any edits on it yet. THAT will be the true test.

I've still got 2ooo words to hit today on my main wip to make today's goal. I haven't had a chance to touch it until now, and I won't go to bed until I hit the mark or somewhere close to it. That will put me right on schedule for my overall goal for this week. And while it's a pain in the keister right now, forcing myself to work on this story I'm pretty darn tired of at this point. If I can stay on track, I'll have the full length draft finished by the end of the month. *crossing fingers for good luck*

That's all the blogging for me tonight. Off to go duct tape the muse to a chair and apply thumbscrews. Time to get to work!

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  1. Oh, ugh on the paint color. We really need to do something with our house - we've got brick on the bottom and siding on the second level. Originally it was ... creamy yellow perhaps? (it's a '70s split level) But the siding has changed to this ugly pukey color. Not sure if we can paint it or need to spend the money on new siding. Which we of course can't afford.

    Weird to think of getting sunburned at this time of year, we're getting frost warnings and the heater's coming on at night.


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