Monday, September 01, 2008

Slammed by Winds

The hurricane hasn't reached us yet, but we're being slammed by high winds and rain. So far so good, though. We have power still. *knock on wood*

Hubby got word today the plant is closed down until Wednesday, and area schools are closed until Thursday, so we have a house-full here. I've been working on a wip on and off throughout the day as my back allows, and I'm red penning a few chapters I'm getting together an urban fantasy/paranormal contest entry. I hope to send the contest entry out later tonight.

The book giveaway contest is live! The post from yesterday (Sunday, August 30th) kicks it all off, and if you've posted there, your name has gone into the hat for a chance to win! I'll be accepting entries ALL WEEK. All you have to do is post here on the blog between now and Friday. And if you can't post to blogger, never fear! You may email an entry to me, and your name will be tossed the hat! For the complete rules, see the Gearing Up For Gustav post below! *thumbs up*

Sometime this month I should hear back about the status of my latest Werekind novella. If you like my werewolves, hang tight! The manuscript is released into the wild, and as soon as I find a home for it, I'll be posting about it here, on my website, and at the Midnight Moon Cafe!

Off for now! I'm going to go watch The Weather Channel to keep up with the latest hurricane news.


  1. Glad your a little better and hoping that gustav continues being nice to you especially with the tornados and power outages.

  2. Good luck with the storm, and hope you're feeling better. :)


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