Monday, September 29, 2008

Pinkie, and Cora vs. Dell Tech Support

If there is one thing I can say with any certainty, the Dell Studio is a waste of hard earned money. Since Pinkie laptop arrived, I've had nothing but major issues with it. I've spent more time on the phone with tech support than I have with ALL the computers I've ever owned combined.

Since I took Pinkie out of the box, I noticed that the sound was "tinny", and I just assumed it was because they put the onboard speakers up near the monitor - they don't actually point at you like with the Inpirion systems.

Well, I was tooling along last night when suddenly my sound card goes out. Oh joy. I sit tinkering with this, only to have about 5 new error messages come up. Windows Vista, in it's grand effort to control your computer for you to make things uber simplified, has actually made it HARDER to troubleshoot for conflicts. But then again, really, after all the shit I've gone through with Dell, Verizon wireless (including their $216.00 early contract termination fee that I had to argue down on Friday, even thought I never had their broadband service activated on my computer), the sound card going out is the LAST STRAW.

I called Dell support this morning and told them I want the proceedure to return Pinkie laptop. The guy asked me why. Well, let's see... And I broke out the laundry list of issues I've had with this thing since I took it out of the box. Basically I've paid $1700.00 (after effing rebates, no less!!) for a glorified no-sound word processor, and don't get me wrong: I AM PISSED. He appologizes and transfers me to the lady who must "authorize" my return. Since I am on an inhome tech service plan, the return lady wants me to talk to the tech support guys before she gives me the proceedure. Bitch, please!

Fine, I'll talk to him this afternoon when he calls me - and I'll tell him to put me back on the phone with the refund department. If Pinkie laptop is having issues now, imagine what it will be like when she's about a year old. NO frigging way.

Basically my bitch factor is rising steadily while I fume over this. I will NEVER buy another windows based computer until they ditch Vista, and at this rate, Dell's chances of making another sale to me are pretty slim too. I have already told hubby, once the refund is taken care of, I will be ordering a MAC. Again - NO VISTA. I'm boycotting Windows until that thing is off the market for good. Vista is worse than Windows 95 ever was, and that one was so bad I stuck with Windows 3.1 until ME came out.

So aside from all this, I've got to somehow get my freebie off of Pinkie and onto Silver (which is what I'm using until a new laptop gets here). This will definitely teach me never to order a computer so close to Mercury retrograde again. Ha!

On top of all this, Mini is sick. He was up all night last night. I stayed up with him until hubby got up to go to work, then I convinced Mini to hit the sack with me in the other room. He'd been up since about midnight, so by 4 AM he was ready to go back to bed. I was ready to fall out by the time I crawled into bed, and I'm totally exhausted today. Perfect for having to deal with BS and Tech Support, no? At least Mini seems to be doing a bit better. He's still coughing and his nose is runny, but he's not feverish looking like last night. Poor beast.

That's it for me today. I'm sure I'll have twitterings to post throughout the day depending on how the tech call goes. Wish me luck!


  1. It just should NOT be this complicated. Tell me how the Mac works out!!! :) I've been wanting to get one for a long time, but was always afraid I wouldn't know how to use it.

  2. Well, the scheduled tech guy never called me. ~_~' So I called Dell back and told them I'd had enough. I'm supposed to have a satisfaction guarantee on this thing - it's on my invoice. No doubt about it - I'm definitely NOT satisfied. I have work to do without wasting days waiting for them to get their act together.

    I did a bit of searching on the MAC, and it doesn't look like it's going to be freakish or anything. The keyboard tricks are completely different, but I'll memorize them and cope. Windows Vista just isn't worth the hassle. And from this day forward I warn anyone who might read my blog - don't buy a Dell Studio 1535! They're more problems than they're worth, but don't take my word for it - do a google search!


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