Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday, Writing, Chores, and Books

Yamdrok-Tso Lake on Mt Kangabala

For once I'm actually glad it's Monday. It wasn't the best weekend ever, for sure, and gosh all the visitors. I usually like the weekend visits, but I just wasn't up to it this go around. I tried to put on a brave face for it, but I'd been crying on and off Sunday afternoon, and just when I'd think we had everyone out of the house, someone else would come over. I finally just grabbed a book and hit the couch, let everyone come and go as they pleased. It was just too much to keep up with, and besides, I don't think anyone noticed anything amiss.

On a lighter note, I've completely caught up with housework and a few other bits and bobs. The laundry is caught up, the dishes are washed. I dusted the house top to bottom, changed the bed sheets, cleaned up my desk (!!! take deep even breaths, everyone !!!), updated the MMC website, burned off a CD for a friend, bundled at least a dozen bookmark packages, and boxed a set of goodies to send off to the Houston Conference. Oh yeah, and I have supper going in the crockpot, too. Spinach stuffed chicken. It's smelling really yummy in the house, so I'm gonna have to figure out some lunch soon, or I'm liable to attack supper before it's time. :P

Yesterday I finished reading Summer by the Sea (Susan Wiggs). A very good rich boy/poor girl fall in love against his family's wishes story. Rosa Capoletti, the heroine of the story, is worth reading about all on her own. She's fun, real, and quirky, without being over the top. Yep, I love her to bits.

I haven't been a Susan Wiggs fan very long, but I'm slowly bringing myself up to speed when it comes to her books. She couldn't get a flight in time to be part of the 2008 Written in the Stars conference, so I missed hearing her speak earlier this year. I hadn't heard of her at the time, but she sent out books to everyone that had been in attendance afterward. I thought that was really nice gesture of her, to say the least, and when I got a copy of her book Dockside, I made it a point to read the book. There is something to be said for sending out a sampler, authors. We readers do appreciate that, and in this case, it made for a new devoted reader. I probably wouldn't have picked up Dockside on my own because I lean toward paranormal romances, and I would have missed out on a really good book. Dockside is another good contemporary romance; I loved it. I've read a two other Susan Wiggs books since, and her latest book "Just Breathe" is on my TBR list.

Next on my reading list is The Boss's Unconventional Assistant, by Jennie Adams. (Harlequin Romance Aug 08 #4043) But before I can reward myself with another book to read, I have to get a little writing done. This morning I added 1k to my wip, and I hope to double that before the day is out. It's a full length contemporary targeted toward Harlequin American, and I'd like to have it finished sometime in October. Writing roughly 5k a week should put me spot-on to making my goal.

Switching gears to a completely different subject... I've got this grand idea in my head that I want a breadmaker. Me. Bake bread. Aha. This will go one of two ways: it will be a stroke of evil genius, and I'll end up baking more bread than Sara Lee, and driving everyone nuts with gifts of fresh baked bread. OR, I will buy a breadmaker that will leave me wishing I hadn't. That will leave me trying to find a friend or relative to pawn the thing off on *cough, cough* I mean, to give the breadmaker to. Either scenario fits a typical Cora "grand scheme" model. Hm...

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Monday, better than Sunday. I hope you all have a pleasant day. :*)


  1. I've got a handful of books on my TBR as well but I have hardly made it to the bookstore to get them. Not to mention I have atleast two at home I haven't finished. :\

    The bread making scheme sounds genius, btw. I say go for it. Either way, you win. lol

  2. I'll take you up on the bread. Mmmmm....


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