Monday, September 15, 2008

Kicking Off the Week

Winking ... what a flirt.

For once, I'm glad the weekend is over. Thankfully, Ike barely touched us. We got winds and rain and the lights flickered, but we were certainly fortunate not to have any major problems. Mini is a bit miffed that his sandbox is once again filled with water, but I assured him that we'll drain it. Our relatives in Texas are still without lights, though, and really I'm a bit surprised they haven't dropped in on us to stay for a while. However, when I talked to my aunt on the phone last week she was adamant about staying this time. No evacuation. They have their generator and bottled water, and she said the stocked the pantry. So far, they say they're doing fine. She's made of stouter stuff than I am, is all I can say. If I even get the vibe we're going to be with out lights and a/c, I'm booking a hotel.

This morning I've been busy bundling up prize packages for both the prize winners from here on my blog, and for Octoberfest at the Midnight Moon Cafe. I'm really excited about the goodies this year for the MMC. There are many authors who have generously chipped in and donated some wonderful promo items: bookmarks, bookflats, chap books filled with tasty excerpts and more. That, combined with the secret prizes we have in store, and I'm thinking this is going to be one fun celebration. I'm totally looking forward to it!

Speaking of MMC, this week we will have author Marta Acosta dropping in for a fantastic, new Midnight Brew Interview! And also, my moonmaid sister Cassandra Curtis is celebrating the release of her new book: Shifting Tides: Song of the Sea. It's available now from Amber Quill / Amber Heat

This past Friday Oldest came home and told me he's founder of the high school chess club. He arranged it with the principal, and I was shocked to hear that they'd been given a generous budget. Oldest was voted in as president of the club, and so everything has been abuzz about chess around the house. Dad called me over the weekend, trying to give me tips to relay to Oldest. Uh, Bobby Fischer, I am not. I think I've won 1 game of computer chess in my life, and it was a fluke. Anyway, we went to the store to get Oldest an inexpensive chess board to take hither and thither, and guess what? You have Hi-Ho Cherrio, Candyland, and Fact or Crap?, but not a single chess board. WTF?! I thought that was a staple in the boardgame department of any store? Apparently we're going to have to go to Toys R Us to pick one up. Unreal.

So I finally read Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyan. It's been a while since I picked up one of her books. I've liked every one of her books I've read, and I don't really know when the series kind of derailed for me. I can't explain why, maybe I just got burned out, but I stopped buying her books for a while. It looks like I've missed some interesting stuff, so I'm going to have to go back and look at what I've missed. Anyway, I read Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish yesterday. I posted a review of sorts over at eHarlequin, but the meat of it is this: A fun, incredibly sexy book. Ravyn is hawt. *fans self* Geez, but I do love a tortured hero!

That's about it for me today. I need to break out the wip and get a bit of writing done. Happy Monday!


  1. I'm so glad you're all safe and well. Those storms have been a nightmare this year, haven't they? Poor Mini. Tell him his sandbox will be back in service in no time! ;)

  2. Hey! I'm glad you're all safe and sound. Hopefully that's the end of the storms for the season. Have a great week.
    P.S. I'm still w/out a computer, but my CPU and I are visiting the geeks tomorrow, and hopefully they can fix it. :)

  3. This has been one of the worst hurricane seasons on those of us upstate. Rita was the last hurrican that really reached us and that's been how many years now? Three? I've lived in Louisiana most of my life and I don't remember any getting this far inland. Crazy stuff.

  4. Hi Ann! I hope the Geeks get you all fixed up.

    Hopefully we've weathered all the bad storms we're going to get for the season.


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