Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?


Oldest came home sick about two weeks ago, and I've somehow managed to keep it at bay until now. Mini started sniffling and coughing a bit earlier in the week, and of course, once he gets it, I manage to come down with it. It's pretty much just an achy feeling, but I recognize it for what it is. *ho hum*

I worked on my full length wip a bit last night, and it's almost ready to print up. I'm still short on the word count, but I think I'll be able to get those last few thousand in on the final draft. I'd hoped to put in a heavy writing session on Sunday to take care of some of it, but the hubster called me from work today to say the head bosses are talking about making the guys work on Sunday. Instead, I'm having to try and make up for it during daylight hours, which is not easy to do with Mini home.

Tomorrow AT&T is supposed to come and hook up our DSL, so hopefully I'll be able to get Pinkie laptop on the net over the weekend so I can start transferring files! I'm planning to finish up all my old projects on Silver, but after the fallen angel shorty is cleaned up and subbed (sometime in November hopefully!) I won't be writing any new ones on Silver - the system is just not stable enough.

Well, I best get back to writing. I want to try and get in between 1-2k words today. Happy Thursday, everyone!

That's about it for me today.

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  1. Eww... the aches are no fun. Try and get some naps in with Mini and hopefully you'll get that last bit of the WIP done in between! You're so close! Don't give up!


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