Monday, September 22, 2008

I Needz More Sleep


I started on this post waaaaay earlier today. Like around 2 am. But I couldn't finish it, so now that I've got five minutes to sit and type something I decided to erase it all and start over again.

So, anyway, last night (early a.m.) I made it to a crucial part of my current wip, and I am pleased to report I am now over the hump. Yay. I celebrated with a peach - mango green tea then went to bed...

...and dreamed hubby, Mini and I were sitting on this small scrap of sandy beach overgrown with dune grass. I think we were having a picnic or something. Either way, the water was this gorgeous serene blue, and hubby looked over at me and said, "Do you want to go island hopping? The water isn't very deep. If we wade out, we can go from island to island and make it around to the other side of the lake." I thought about it a second and said, "Sure! Sounds like an adventure. Let's do it." So, hubby puts Mini on his shoulders and we wade out. I started out toward this sandbar and realized after a minute hubby's interpretation of deep wasn't the same as mine. I'm 5 feet tall. He's about five/eight, five/nine. What is chest deep on him is neck deep on me. Anyway, I stop where the bank grass ends - it's open water, and I look to might right and there is this POLAR BEAR standing on a sandbar. My heart does this crazy flip, because the bear takes one look at me and stands up. I see the big, white body slip into the water without making a sound and I flopped back and scrambled the hell out of there. Hubby is kind of off to the right and behind me, still hidden by the beach grass. Mini is on his shoulders and he gives me this bewildered look as I go lunging for the shore. "Bear - BEAR!" I'm panting at this point. Hubby scrambles after me, and when I see him coming out of the water behind me, his jean shorts are nearly hanging off of him because of the weight of the wet denim, and it's at that precise moment my subconscience catches up with me...

I gotta pee! *_*

Suddenly I'm wide awake, the room is dark, hubby is snoring like a beast and I realize - I drank all that tea! No wonder I'm dreaming of the lake!

I am sooo tired, still groggy from dreaming, and stumble my way through the house to the bathroom. Too many late night writing sessions are starting to take their toll on me. I need to make it a point to get more sleep.

I got up with Mini at 4 a.m. to see hubby off to work. We went back to bed once he was gone, and slept until 7. OMG I am so tired.... The company screwed up hubby's paycheck on Friday, so we had to wait until Saturday to actually get paid. But then, the banks are closed, and Walmart won't cash checks over a certain amount. I ended up dipping into "cabbage money" to get us through the weekend, but this morning I had to go to the bank. I balanced the checkbook, figured the bills, dressed myself and Mini, made all the beds, and we were out the door around 9. I was dragging... no lie. :P We did the bank thing, the post office thing, went to Wally World and across town to the other post office to check my mail there. We made it home, and I unpacked everything.

From the time we got up this morning, Mini has been hollering for cupcakes. "Pweeze, Mimi! You're going to bake them? Can I have a cupcake?" So, after I put all the groceries away, I whipped out the muffin tins and the cake mix. I really, really could have used a nap, but I pulled out the mixing bowl instead. Mini ran to get his car's stepstool and we made triple chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting and Hallowe'en sprinkles on top. Mini liked the sprinkles in the store because they were green and purple - Mardi gras colors. When we sprinkled them on the cupcakes, we realized they had little black candy spiders in there too. Cute!

I want to hit another 1k tonight on my wip, but I may be too tired by the time everyone is off to bed and I have the den to myself. I'm going to give it my best, but then I'm Zzzzzzz....

I hope you all had a good Monday! BTW, can you believe this month is almost GONE?!


  1. For a moment, I thought I was reading a script from the show LOST. They had weird polar bears on an island in the first season. ;) Ha ha. Get some sleep!

    And YAY on the WIP! Getting over humps is always a huge ego boost. Keep it up! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Wow. You are always so busy. How do you get to write? :-) I guess I shouldn't be complaining about writing time anymore.


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