Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally Friday

Last night I finished up my full length contemporary. Of course, it's just the first draft, but it felt soooo good to type "the end". I'm taking off a few days from it to work on my freebie for the MMC, which is already plotted out. I hope to get it written over the weekend. *thumbs up*

So aside from the MMC freebie, I have two finished first drafts - one full length, one novella length, and the Urban Fantasy I talked about months ago is plotted out and partly written. Also, the Bite story is still floating around out in submission land, so I guess haven't been slacking quite as much as I worried thought. Last night I was rather bummed about only putting out 2 stories this year, so I sat down to check my productivity. I'd love to be able to fast draft like some authors do, but I'm gathering that takes some real self-training. I might have to look into that. If anyone is reading this, have you ever completed a book in fast draft? I'd love to hear your pros and cons about it.

I'd write more, but Mini is going bonkers on me. He's ready to go dig in the sandbox, so I guess I'll go take down a book from my TBR stack and follow him outside. I hope you all have a happy Friday and a pleasant weekend!

Update: The technician just left - no more dial up. Muahahaha!!! *evil hand wringing*

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