Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Blogger hates me. I swear it's true. I couldn't log in yesterday, and today I'd be posting and it would log me out. *sigh* Nevertheless, here I am, determined to rewrite this because I'm just tough like that. :P

My new comp arrived today. Woot! I setup the biometric fingerprint scanner, registered my Office software, and now I just need to get everything connected to the net to get everything else registered so I can give it a test spin. I tinkered around with Word 2007 earlier today too. Boy, now that looks different... Hopefully it doesn't have the same track changes glitches as the 2003 version.

If blogger doesn't give me the royal spank tomorrow, I'll post some pics of the new preciousssss. Sometime this weekend, I'm going to set up everything - including the new printer/copier, and give it all a thorough workout. Muahahahaha! *evil hand wringing*

As for the wip, I estimate that I have about 40 pages left before finish my full length contemporary, so that's moving right along.

That's it for me. I better get some writing done while the house is quiet. I hope you all had a happy hump day!

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  1. That sounds high tech! Woah. :) Fingerprints and all... very cool.

    My Vaio was acting up a bit a week or so ago, and it's hardly a year old. I almost threw a fit. I was going to bring it right back and demand an all new model. ROFL. Rampage.

    Still, I'd love to see pics. So cool.


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