Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craftiness and Book Stuff

Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle . Scotland

I did it. I updated the Cora Zane webpage. *faint* I went over there last night and realized I hadn't done any updates since around March. Yikes! I added to the news and updates page mostly, and put up the link to the summer newsletter and my yahoo group. I did a bit of tweaking to my books page, too, but I still need to gather the info about Weirdly 2 to add to the pages.

I read an inspiring RWA article by Michele Hauf earlier today. In a nutshell: stop thinking and write the book. Leave spacers in where you'd want to/need to go back and add info, do research, or find a better word for something. I tend to add spacers here and there as I write, but I do "think" too much while writing. It really slows what I'm trying to do, and that's just get the draft finish. So it's something to digest and start putting into practice. It took me forever to bind and gag silence my inner editor while writing, and to not go back over what I've written, but with some doing, I finally managed to break the habit. So now, it will be to not think so much and let the story flow. I plan to start working on this like it's a goal. Anything to help with productivity.

I'm currently reading The Night Serpent by Anna Leonard, and I've got her Nocturne Bite Dreamcatcher in my cart at eharlequin. It's next on my read list. I don't know what it is, but I was flipping through the back of The Night Serpent, and it really thrilled me to see they had a full page insert for Nocturne Bites. I guess it's because I'm seeing ebooks listed in a print book. I realize Harlequin/Bites all related and everything. But it is really cool that they are major NY publishers and marketing their ebooks right alongside the print ones. That wins super kudos with me.

Tonight I plan to tinker with "Pinkie" the new computer. I have her on the dining table and I've taken her out for a spin a time or two, but I haven't connected her to the net yet. I plan to try getting my wireless connected - and if that will work, I have about a bazillion things I need to register on there. :P I haven't shifted any of my old files to the new computer yet, either. Old Silver is still hanging in there, so I'd like to finish this one last project on here before moving all my files to the next Word platform. I tell you, I was having fits trying to find the reversal button on the 2007 edition. *_* Just when you think you have something figured out, they have to go and tweak it....

Well, I better go and start supper before the kids come yowling at me about empty bellies. Oh! Speaking of kidletts. Oldest came home from school today and told me his gym coach has been scouting him for the track team. I told him to go for it, but Oldest is like... "Exercise means work, mother." Ah, alright. I get it. Go ahead back to watching Naruto and be merry. Kids! :P

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. First of all, LOVE that photo.

    Second of all, yay for the new computer. Get familiar with it first. Otherwise it's a nightmare. I lost whole documents because I didn't know how to work the new Word. Ha ha. It's so unnecessarily complex.

  2. Well, I finally got Word registered today. :P Now to start trying a few things in there to get used to it. I don't want to tranfer anything until I know what I'm doing.

    BTW, did you get my last email? The net goblins have been throwing bones at me right and left.


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